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On average, Americans check their phones 80 times a day. It seems like living in the present is a thing of past. But there’s an easy way to come back down to earth: crafting. While colored pens and stationary may not save the world, they do help us cherish all of life’s special moments, big and small – and there’s something to be said for that. Whether it’s a handwritten love letter you save for years to come or a memory book of your child’s first year, paper gives you a platform to master the Art of Living, Giving, Creating, and Celebrating.


The Art of Living



People love looking at beautiful things. And we have a sneaking suspicion that’s exactly why Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform in 2018. But beautiful things don’t just live in an app. We believe they should be everywhere.

Whether it’s a colorful calendar in your office or that customized stationary you use to write your loved ones, the Art of Living is about embracing the beauty in everyday life. Besides the obvious mood-boosting benefits that come from making your space beautiful, that environment might just boost your creativity, too.



The Art of Creating



When we think of essential survival skills, pitching a tent and starting a fire typically come to mind before colored pencils and crafting. But that fire may not have ever been started if cavemen didn’t put on their creative caps. That’s because creativity is at the heart of the most basic survival skills.

The Art of Creating is all about leaving your mark on the world in a way that nobody else has before. In other words, thinking outside the box. To master it, you must be open to experimenting with new projects, hobbies, and colors. Having plenty of paper on hand for notes and doodles and a well-stocked craft room will keep you inspired.



The Art of Giving



Have you ever wondered why it just feels good to give? Like creating, giving is another instinct that humans are hardwired for. When you share an amazing gift, card, or memory, you unleash a trifecta of happy hormones resulting in “giver’s glow.” In other words: you feel good, you look good, and you’re inspired to do it all over again!

Mastering the Art of Giving means you not only pick the most thoughtful gifts, but you know that a pretty presentation goes a long way. An expertly tied bow, a hand-made card, or carefully chosen wrapping paper goes a long way in making your loved ones feel, well…loved.


The Art of Celebrating



We love a themed soiree more than most, but we also believe that every single day is worthy of a celebration! Even research shows that celebrating everyday life can lead to an “attitude of gratitude,” and boosted creativity. And we’ll happily cheers to that!

Whether it’s a birthday party or a “just because” note, mastering the art celebrating means taking the time to truly honor life’s moments – big and small.




Looking for more inspiration on the Art of Living, Giving, Creating, and Celebrating? Take this quiz to determine which one you’ve mastered.


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