Reese Witherspoon founded Draper James as a way to invite you into her world, where she infuses southern style, parties and traditions she loves with contemporary flair and charm.


The newest Draper James collection is filled with blooming magnolia flowers and the classic Draper James blue she loves.  Along with her team, they have curated an assortment of gifts and accessories inspired by her southern upbringing to be gracious, take pride in yourself and be kind to your neighbor.

Read our exclusive interview with the Draper James team below!

What was the inspiration behind the Draper James brand?  What was the moment for Reese and your team to take a chance and start this lifestyle brand?

Reese noticed a boom of cultural growth in the South and simultaneously felt a void in what both fashion and lifestyle brands were offering the world. Draper James was Reese’s way of celebrating the spirit of the South and telling those authentic stories and messages she grew up with in Nashville.

Reese started Draper James to honor her Southern heritage and, in particular, her grandparents: Dorothea Draper and William James Witherspoon. She wanted to take everything she loves about the South—the grace, charm, and style—and bring it into people’s homes, no matter where they live. As the brand has grown and evolved, every product and story we tell continues to be steeped in Southern charm, designed for real life, and unapologetically pretty.

When launching the Draper James brand, what was the first item designed in the collection and why?

The Totes Y’all bag is one of the first and most recognizable Draper James handbags. Reese has an amazing sense of humor, and during one of our design meetings, the expression “totes y’all” came up.  We all laughed and knew it would be a hit.  The Totes Y’all bag has been a brand staple ever since.

Tell us about the signature Draper James blue.

“Draper James blue is one of the most important colors for our brand.  We consider it our calling card–pretty and light hearted, a truly happy blue; it makes you smile.  You’ll see it in our awning stripes, our packaging and business cards, our ready-to-wear labels, and our handbag interiors. We love following #draperjamesblue on Instagram, too!”

-Kathryn Sukey, Head of Design at Draper James


What has surprised your team the most since opening your doors?

We’ve absolutely loved meeting customers, across the South and beyond, who connect with the brand and feel passionate about our message. We speak fondly of our customers, referring to them as “family,” because it often feels that way! We truly value the relationships we’ve created with them; for instance, we receive a Christmas card every year from one of our customers!

Draper James has clothing and accessories, home décor and kitchen essentials.  Where do you see an opportunity for the next collection?


What is something fun you think that our readers would be interested in knowing? Give us the inside scoop!

Reese’s role as the founder and creative director is not one she takes lightly! She’s involved from the start of the design process, to the photo shoots, to what we’re posting on our social media platforms. Her passion for Draper James fuels our team, and in turn, our customers. Plus, you never know when she’ll pop in one of our four stores!



Reese Witherspoon is the founder of Draper James, an academy award winning actress, producer and entrepreneur. All of these great things make her a Woman We Love! Read more about how PS Celebrates Women and let’s create HERstory.





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