Our newest maker has been a fan favorite in the stationery community for a while, but we are excited to share an inside look at their brand and how they are helping us create our own in office oasis!


“At Elūm we believe in celebrating life. We’re makers and doers, dreamers and collaborators, endless learners and glass-half-fullers.” With this enthusiasm for life, it is only fitting that we feature this maker at Paper Source where we inspire our community to give, live, create and celebrate each day. 

Below is our interview with Elūm that gives us an inside look at their brand and appreciation for quality goods.


What does being a “Maker” at Elūm look like?

Our design philosophy is, “If we can dream, it we can make it.” Creativity is valued and celebrated and we are empowered to cultivate ideas and develop concepts from scratch. One day we’ll be sitting around sketching unicorns, the next day we’ll be brainstorming a dozen different products for Valentine’s Day. We’re a hands on bunch: painting, drawing, drafting and crafting. And we collab like crazy! With so many talented people on board, we’re incredibly lucky to work in a tight knit team where we support and encourage one another. We laugh, cry, daydream and create together. Being a maker at Elūm is like being part of a big joyous and rowdy wedding party. Something wonderful and unexpected is always happening….and someone always brings cake.


How does Elūm celebrate daily life?

We are celebration professionals. We value and appreciate one another, and are incredibly fortunate to work in a culture that encourages us to express our gratitude, joy and creativity.  If someone has a birthday you bet we’re going to celebrate.  Happy hours, yoga, dog walks, taco fests: there is always something fun and social going on. We thrive on creating connections and special moments for one another. It fuels our creativity and sense of shared purpose.  Our products are designed to help folks celebrate, create and connect, and our work environment embraces this goal. We’re not doing our job right unless someone is sweeping confetti off the floor!


What is Elūm most recognized for?

Our roots are in hand-crafted letterpress printing. We’re proud to be spearheading the movement to reintroduce artisanal, high-quality, hand-finished paper products and stationery to the marketplace. We are passionate about design and strive to bring beauty, quality and a lightness of touch to all our products. Our hope is that when you pick up one of our journals or cards or passport holders it makes you smile. Our stationery is about joy and whimsy, about personal little luxuries, unexpected details and award winning design. From our hand-printed wedding invitations to our Wine and Naps Pouch our mission is to help create and celebrate one-of-kind moments in life.



What are the must have items for summer?

Sunscreen! We’re based in San Diego, where it’s always sunny, so we need all the protection we can get. And beer! Seriously, our office is located right in the center of a hub of local breweries and micro-brewers and as the weather warms we are obsessing about cold and fruity IPAs. A lot of us have kids so cute beach towels, Minnidip Inflatable Pools, paper plates and block parties are also on our minds. And as we never stop dreaming about Island getaways our adorable Luggage Markers and Turquoise Travel Journal are must-haves for us this summer.




What is something Paper Source customers should know about Elūm?

We are passionate. We are inclusive. We are always ready to party! Elūm is a small company with a big love for paper and a mission to create amazing stationery and home-goods. We believe in supporting and empowering women and lead by example. Our all female design team is led by a female Art Director and Creative Director, and we engage with our community and actively work to raise fierce and fearless girls here in San Diego. We believe the world needs more female engineers, scientists, leaders and makers. We also believe in Thank You notes, good times, good friends, unicorns and disco. We never stop learning and celebrating, and every single day we go to work, we focus on creating one-of-a-kind products that bring people joy.