Meet PS Planner Ambassador: Amber Kemp-Gerstel


Amber will go on record to say she “would rather lose my big toe than lose my calendar” and that is exactly why she has been the perfect fit as our next PS Planner Ambassador.  Formally, a child psychologist turned ultimate craft blogger she is always dreaming and planning her next project to share with her followers.  Her carefully curated and thoughtfully planned content has helped her define her space as a expert maker that has been featured in Domino Magazine, Food Network Magazine and HGTV.  Amber has several techniques for staying organized and making plans, including using a monthly calendar to have a large overview of her tasks.




See our interview with Amber below for more on her creative organization tips and an inside look at her dream workspace.



What does your process for planning look like?

I love getting creative with my calendar, so any opportunity to add stickers, lettering or doodles is right up my alley! I sit down at the end of every month and create my design for the following month. This way I’m ahead of the game and have my calendar ready to go at the first of the month!



Are you better at short term planning or long-term planning? Why?

I’m pretty good at both – but I have to be. As a mom, content creator, blogger and television personality there are a million events on my calendar that I have to keep in mind. For short term plans, I like to add a sticker or circle to important upcoming dates. For longer term plans, I am addicted to sticky notes! I use them to mark upcoming events, then when the month arrives, I commit them to pen.




What did you like about the calendar or planner you chose?

I love any calendar that let’s me do a little DIY! The DIY desk calendar speaks to my inner crafter and my obsession with stickers and hand lettering. It’s a functional way to add some personalized flare to my workspace.

A good wall calendar is a must have for any busy business woman or mom…and it doesn’t hurt when the calendar has fun colorful designs. I especially love the space for notes. I also feel strongly that any good calendar should note holidays and other important dates. I’m notorious for bringing my kid to school on a holiday, because I totally forget!



While planning, what “view” do you prefer? Month at a glance, day at a glance or week at a glance. Why?

I’m a calendar/planner addict and I often have a few calendars in play at once. When it comes to my calendar, I MUST have a place for notes and the daily squares have to be sizeable enough to write down several events.


How do you accessorize your planner?  Is it for personal style or functionality/productivity?

Stickers are my jam and Frixion erasable pens are a must have! Things are always changing in my work schedule and I hate crossing things out!


What was your favorite part about back to school shopping growing up?

Planners and notebooks…shocker!!! To this day, nothing makes me happier than a new notebook. I still love shopping the back to school section to see what pretty supplies I can take home.

I have a cute glittery pouch that I carry with me everywhere. Inside are my pens, a few erasers, some stickers and a little notepad. It’s portable and a great way to make notes that I can transfer to my calendar later. 


Do you have any organization hacks or tricks you can share?

Sticky Notes are your best friend!!! They are perfect for making note of upcoming events that may get canceled or move.



Would it be more chaotic losing your calendar for your personal/home life or work life? Why?

I would rather lose my big toe than lose my calendar! Seriously. That’s how much I need it. It’s hard which is more important though, since I keep both in the same place. Suffice it to say, if someone tries to steal my calendar, I will chase them down!!


What would your ideal desk and work space look like?

I’m currently in the middle of updating my desk and I’m excited to turn it into my own personal creative dream space! I love the idea of a patterned desk top with colorful, bright accents. Nothing too cluttered, though! As a crafter, I need lots of empty space on my desk for all my DIY projects.



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