Meet PS Planner Ambassador: Eva Amurri Martino

With a natural desire to work hard, combined with her passion for style and love of her family, Eva Amurri Martino was able to create her own lifestyle blog where she can share her guide to life.  Eva’s lifestyle blog focuses on her passions but also creates a community for shared experiences as mothers and friends in a safe space.  Finding a balance between structure and flexibility has allowed her successfully manage the needs of her brand but also her family.  To do this best, she uses her planner with a weekly view to prioritize and respond quickly to new inspirations or opportunities.





See our interview with Eva below for more on how she balances life between work, family and travel.

What does your process for planning look like?

I like to use a weekly planner to keep track of my personal and family life– as well as my major work deadlines.  It’s important to me to be able to flip through the pages and refer back to weeks past.  I use so many online tools for work that it’s nice to have something physical to hold! I also use a wall calendar to be able to quickly see the entire month at a glance.



Are you better at short term planning or long-term planning? Why?

I think I’m much better at short time planning.  I’m really good at organizing my time and fitting things in to my schedule, and when it comes to long term planning it’s hard for me to hold my interest.  Like, I don’t really care about what I’m doing 9 months from now…unless it’s a family vacation! Ha!




What did you like about the calendar or planner you chose?

The 2018-2019 Ferns Planner is one of my favorites.  I love that it’s bright and fresh, and really reflects the mood of my business.  I have tons of fern bushes in my yard so it also reminds me of home. 




While planning, what “view” do you prefer? Month at a glance, day at a glance or week at a glance. Why?

Week at a glance! It’s easiest for me to get a sense of what’s ahead and prioritize for the week. 


How do you accessorize your planner?  Is it for personal style or functionality/productivity?

I would say it’s a bit of both.  Planning and organization are like methods of therapy for me– and they’re also really important in my business. The pen is my most important accessory! I like to use a really easy gliding gel ink or similar that I can write well with.  I also like to use different colors for family plans versus work plans




What was your favorite part about back to school shopping growing up?

Definitely selecting a hot, new trapper keeper! It was actually kind of pathetic how excited I would get about school supplies. 


What office accessories are your go to/must haves in a meeting?

A spiral notebook and a pen.


Do you have any organization hacks or tricks you can share?

Use different color ink for different types of plans.  I even have different colors for each of my kids, to easily identify what my family is up to at a glance. 


Would it be more chaotic losing your calendar for your personal/home life or work life? Why?

Definitely work life.  My deadlines come up extremely last minute at times, and it’s all I can do to keep track. 


What would your ideal desk and work space look like?

If I could pick up my current studio and transport it to the Bahamas with a big picture window overlooking the beach…that would be ideal! I like to keep my desk very organized and clean– if it’s a mess so is my mind. 



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