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Going to a place we call home and being with loved ones is what makes the holidays so special. Traditions, though, are what keep the memories of the holiday season alive year round. We went around the Paper Source HQ in Chicago, and asked our team members what their Thanksgiving traditions were. Read on to learn some interesting traditions that you may want to impliment yourself!

Alison's Thanksgiving Tradition

Our family has a pretty quirky Thanksgiving tradition! Every year we decide on a different theme and all dress to the theme. It started when my mom, sister and I realized we all had a similar leopard print dress and decided to wear them at the same time for Thanksgiving dinner. Over 10 years later we are sticking to it and take it very seriously! Past themes have been plaid, 60s, everyone wear a different color of the rainbow, and Western. It makes Thanksgiving super fun and something to get excited about every year. Attached is a photo of last year’s theme, Bikers (our favorite so far)!

-Alison M.

We spend the day putting up Christmas lights outside while we wait for the turkey to cook!

-Alex K.

My parents live farther away and all the (adult) kids and significant others get together and have “Sibs-giving”. My brother-in-law is the oldest so it’s tradition that he carves the turkey in a silly turkey hat.

-Erin B.

Typically, my brother and his family visit from New York for the weekend.  We wake up early on Thanksgiving morning to run the Turkey Trot and then walk over to my aunt and uncle’s house for a true Fall breakfast – warm, baked oatmeal with apples, cinnamon, honey, and yogurt.  After laying low for most of the day, we head to my other uncle’s house- he’s a professional chef, so there’s always a lot of buzz around what creative dishes he’ll be introducing to the menu this year… Sweet potato tater tots?  Turkey sliders?  Turkey tortilla soup?  Pumpkin cheesecake?  (All dishes he’s made!)  And though this is completely random, the whole family does a shot of tequila together while we’re eating appetizers- not sure how that even started, but we do it every year!

-Emily L.

Dog Joins Thanksgiving Traditions

In my family, while we always have the typical Thanksgiving fixings, it’s tradition for us to infuse a bit of our Polish heritage into the meal with homemade pierogies. While it takes a couple of days to prepare the dough and filling, my mom’s pierogies are always the first thing to go on Thanksgiving day, and the only food I find myself able to have 5-6 servings of. We made some last night and even my dog couldn’t resist the batter.

-Meg K.

I love Thanksgiving since I get to spend time with my family and have a delicious meal!  Honestly, I additionally love it because is the one day of the year I  feel like I can really cook!  That may sound surprising considering my only skill in the kitchen is using a crock pot normally.  However, since I was about 7 years old my responsibility each Thanksgiving is the mashed potatoes.  Well, let’s just say I’ve had years of practice to ensure I can now get it just right finally!  It’s a great feeling sitting down at the dinner table with the ones I love, incredibly grateful for the opportunity to spend time with them, and the pure joy of seeing everyone enjoy something I actually prepared!

-Kelly A.



What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions that you look forward to every year? Share with us on Instagram & and keep an eye out for a Thanksgiving giveaway on Thanksgiving day!

– Maham Khan
2016 Fall Web Intern