A few weeks ago, a group of Chicago tweens joined us in our offices for a fun day of crafting Valentines! We were blown away by their creativity and their ability to make crafting a social, yet personal, experience.



The first stop was our “Bee Kind” station.  After learning about Paper Source’s new campaign, the girls had the opportunity to write down their own kindness pledges and add them to the display.


bee kind

bee kind 2



After receiving instruction from our crafting expert on how to use some of our most popular crafting tools, the girls began assembling and decorating our Valentine’s card kits, including the Bee Kind Valentine Card Kit, Tasty Treats Valentine Card Kit, Mermaid Valentine Card Kit, Whale Valentine Card Kit, and the Wild About You Valentine Card Kit.

starting craft

craft 1

craft 2


Our Sweet Treats Kit proved to be the favorite of the day.  Who can resist fries and milkshakes?




The girls also loved transforming their cards with the embossing heat tool.   They watched the embossing powder melt into their card, turning it into a professional, yet one-of-a-kind Valentine.




There was no shortage of creativity when crafting these kits.  The girls explored the different ways they could make their cards their own.  Embellishment was brought to a whole new level through the use of Stickles, Stickers, and Washi Tape!




craft 3


These girls had a great time crafting, socializing, and enjoying some treats.  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, they are all set with handmade Valentines to give friends, family and teachers!

treat bag


2 Responses

  1. Dara Draeger says:

    I am the youth leader over a group of girls ages 12-18 and would love to participate in one of your workshops.

    Please send me additional information about upcoming workshops.

  2. Judy Ambler says:

    What a great activity for tweens! The cards and treat bags are awesome!!