2012 Calendars

Some would say 2011 was the Year of the Rabbit, but from the eyes of a Paper Source fan it seemed to be the Year of the Creature. How often have you looked at an octopus and thought, “He’s so cute!” Or swooned over quirky owls in the wilderness. Or infused holiday cheer with the help of one jolly gnome.

ringsThe Paper Source Design Team certainly inspired many of us with characters this year and, lucky for us, many of them make an encore appearance in our 2012 calendars.

But what inspired you in 2011? Was it turning a calendar page, picking wedding colors from our Colorscope or receiving a folded note from someone special?

Comment to the blog to tell us about the Paper Source design, color, craft or icon that inspired you in 2011. Share your story by December 4th to be included in a $100 Paper Source Gift Card *drawing. It’s another way do something creative every day and engage with others who are inspired by color, style and paper!

December 5th Update: Congratulations to Paper Source Fan Amy B.! Her name was selected as the $100 Paper Source Gift Card winner.

*No purchase necessary. Must be 18 or older to enter. Gift card valid for U.S. residents only. Winner will be selected at random on December 5th, 2011 and notified via email.


224 Responses

  1. Sabrina says:

    The Owls! Definitely the Owls! They always inspire me with their quirkiness!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Besides your lovely papers and rubber stamps which I’ve used to make stationery galore, I loved the sweet toys that I got for my daughter from Paper Source throughout the year (whenever we’re there she finds a new must-have!). She loves your innovative little gifts – sheer delight for all of us!

  3. I really like the “peace joy love” themed stuff Paper Source is doing; I liked it so much that when I saw the stamp this year, I bought it; it is perfect for the season, yes, but also for every season, every time– we all need peace, joy, and love in our lives and need to share it with everyone else.

  4. Sara says:

    I have been inspired by many things from PS this year, but the two that stand out to me the most at the owls and the baby shower series you featured on your blog. The owls are so cute and whimsical; I love how versatile and child-like they are. My good friend is expecting her first baby in May and I cannot wait to use some of the inspirations from your Sugar and Spice shower – I hope it’s a girl!

  5. With a baby girl on the way- due any minute- we have been inspired by Whales!!! People have really gotten into the whale spirit- she already has three blankets with whales on it!! I hope to show all of her whale goodies on my Blog soon, but in the mean time, here’s the inspiration: http://sugarspiceliving.blogspot.com/2011/10/baby-cuteness.html

    As for other inspiration, when I told my Husband that I was pregnant he said- Keep Calm, Carry On, and take another test!! Needless to say, he’s getting a mug from Paper Source as a stocking stuffer and I think I need the matching PS ornament for our tree. That phrase will go down in history in our family!!

  6. Molly says:

    I definitely get inspired by the amazing prints on my Paper Source Wall calendar each month! Choosing my wedding colors (beet & moss) was also a favorite and I love that your calendar image for November (my wedding month) featured those very colors too!

  7. Diana says:

    I’ve always been drawn to color, and the PS color palette never lets me down. Some colors are bright and cheery while others are more subtle and sophisticated, but each and everyone is rich and beautiful. I’m pretty sure the swatch book is my favorite item you sell. Thumbing through it always leads me to something new.

  8. Dana says:

    I always find so much design inspiration at Paper Source — from the fonts to the paper to the gift ideas. I just spent a fortune on holiday gifts and packaging in your store and am still thinking of other people who would love some P.S. goodies!!!

  9. christine says:

    The thing that inspired me was the aqua/green daisy paper. It started when I used it as the background to a photo collage and spread into other crafts at home – I even got the matching photo boxes for storage. I kept making repeat trips for that paper. I bought so much I’m using it on my holiday cards and as gift wrap!

  10. Trinidad says:

    I’ve been inspired by your owls. I made my daughter an owl bag for the fall. In regards to colors, I’ve been inspired by your combos of red and pool.

  11. molly l. says:

    The Paper Source vintage map wrapping paper sheets inspired me this year. Let me explain. My husband is in grad school so money’s tight around the holidays this year. Instead of buying expensive presents for all of our family and friends, I bought multiple sheets of this gorgeous paper from PS and modpodged 4 squares of the paper onto 4 ceramic tiles. I either used parts of the map of places the recipient had visited or places they’re hoping to go and tied them up with ribbon for a 4-set of coasters. The vintage map paper is beautiful and I think all of our family and friends will love looking at the reminder of places they’ve been. Plus, I think there’s something touching and nostalgic of homemade gifts. Thank you Paper Source for helping me give beautiful gifts that I’m proud of this year!

  12. Audrey says:

    Your catalogs! And when I say catalogs, I don’t just mean the products featured in them, I mean the actual catalogs. The matte paper, size and shape, the way your PS colors and products pop on the page, I get giddy seeing one in my mailbox and have the hardest time putting them in the recycling bin. This year I decided to upcycle my PS catalogs and use them to make garland for my toddler-friendly Christmas tree. Using a 1.5″ scalloped punch, I punched thousands of scalloped circles, then sewed them together using pink and white thread for yards and yards of paper garland. The effect was dainty but dynamic. I love it!

  13. Pam says:

    I get much of my inspiration from nature. . . I love all the colors and textures of the garden. . .woodlands settings are always great for inspiration. Mushrooms, ferns and little gnomes make me smile and feel festive 😉

  14. Katie says:

    I really love the Paper Source Colorscope and the versatility of all of the products that the store has to offer. Paper Source was my go-to store for all things wedding this past summer. Whether it was my PS custom-printed wedding invitations, envelope liners I made from PS wrapping paper, DIY PS programs, escort cards, welcome notes, favors, table numbers, thank you notes or even personalized custom stamps – I knew that everything I purchased for various projects would be of excellent quality and the project possibilities would be endless. I loved the ability to mix and match products to meet whatever needs I had – combining various paper colors with PS luxury papers to create gorgeous, unique projects. My guests all commented about how much they loved that I had made just about everything at/for the wedding and how it made them feel special that I took the time to do it. And I couldn’t have been happier! I wanted nothing more for my big day than for all of my guests to feel the love…between my husband and I, between us and our guests, and even all the love that went into every last little detail. Thanks, Paper Source!

  15. Kerry Grolle says:

    Window shopping (storefront displays) always inspires me. I love heading up to Santana Row in San Jose, California and walking by places like Paper Source, Anthropologie, and Free People. There is such a creative freedom with the way everyday objects are used. A chandelier made of reading glasses? Sure. Construction tape as a woven backdrop? Okay. And my favorite… lots and lots of paper made into just about everything imaginable. Extremely inspiring.

  16. Amy says:

    Where do I start? It could be the letterpress calendar cards that I always pin up on my wall as art to enjoy all year. Maybe it’s the random assortment of ribbon, envelopes, and card stock we have at home that my daughters love to pull out and craft with. And it’s definitely all of the owls – my Mom loves them and every time I see something adorned with their quirky expressions, I think of her…and find myself inspired times two. Which rhymes with Whoo! 🙂

  17. Laura m says:

    Yayy! I love everything especially your papers!

  18. Lauren says:

    My dad has always told me to follow my dreams, and when he passed away in July- that’s exactly what I did. I took up creating beautiful flowers for friends and family throughout the holiday season with your kits, and creations of my own as well! Flowers (particularly your mum wreath) have inspired me to create beauties of my own for my own personal happiness, as well as those that are close to me.

    Thank you, Paper Source!

  19. Marcia Terry says:

    My baby boy-to-be inspired me. I’ve been drawn to all things baby, especially with a woodland twist. Oh, and twine, where would I be without bakers twine? From wrapping, tags, invites and thank you’s I’ve added twine to it all. Thank you Paper Source!

  20. Linda L says:

    I found a lot of inspiration from all of the yellow paper at paper source this past year. The stamps and paper were a big part of the creative process when we were planning our wedding!

  21. I find a lot of inspiration from reading about the various artists and how they create.

  22. kelly says:

    inspired by your coordinating holiday gift wrap and wrapping gifts in a theme for each family member. Skiing Gnome for brother 1, gingerbread med for brother 2, birdhouses for mom and holiday animals for dad. tied together with red ribbon and scallop oval cards in red with white stickers for the tags

  23. Maddie says:

    This year, I have really enjoyed the new color CLOVER! It is so bold, and beautiful, but can be used with colors like night and paper bag, cement, and paper bag to be sophisticated. I guess you could say I really just enjoy the entire PS ColorScope in general 🙂 I also really enjoy picking out fine papers that coordinate with PS colors. Current inspirational faves: Lokta Bean Orange (on natural fine paper) and the large format PS roll wrap Faux Bois (LOVE IT!).

  24. Sara says:

    This year I was inspired by envelope templates. I used them to make many small envelopes to hold blank cards that I imagine to be tender love notes and poems. I use repurposed PS catalogues and other companies’ handsome catalogues to create interesting and inspiring packages to charm and delight. Thank you Papersource!!

  25. Rebecca says:

    The possibilities I see when I look through a Paper Source catalog.

  26. Katie S says:

    I was inspired by Amanda Jane Jones (http://amandajanejones.com/#1287163/A-Year-In-Review) to design my own newsletter Christmas card this year. I saw that Paper Source now offers a similar style card! I love it!

  27. Michelle Strickland says:

    I love the gnome this year!! So inspired by the whole color combination and the whimsy of him!! The candy cane ski poles just push it over the top. The shade of blue used, along with the red and white- bring just the right bold color to an adorable icon!! I’m thinking of creating a similar design out of paper. I really appreciate your products and your inspiration to be creative everyday!! Merry Christmas!!

  28. Dianne says:

    I was inspired by the giant magnolia paper flowers. When I saw one at the store, it immediately caught my eye and I knew I found the centerpiece for my wedding. They turned out beautifully and everyone loved them!

  29. Sarah May says:

    paper-source inspires me daily…i have color charts both at work and at home in my “studio.” i love love love the papers from paper source, the funny gifts, the kids gifts, heck, the whole store!!!!!
    i’m also inspired by my own little ones and my crazy over active creative imagination.
    thank you paper source for your creativity and awesomeness!!!!!!!!!

  30. Diana D says:

    All the classes I’ve taken at Paper Source have inspired me the most! The teachers have been awesome, and I’ve been introduced to so many new products, techniques and ideas! Now I just need to find more spare time to put my creative juices to work! 🙂

  31. Nikki says:

    Definitely all the cute wrapping paper and how things are wrapped on the website. I can’t wait to do it all on my own!

  32. Melinda says:

    I was inspired by my little son, to be more creative every day, so he will grow up inspired! His entire nursery is outfitted with little nuggets of ideas I got from heading to the store!!

  33. Kc says:

    Your metal rimmed white circle tags with a circle sticker in the middle, Glossy Accents over the sticker and stickles around the perimeter. Super fun for card making!

  34. Carol says:

    I love everything paper and love the window displays at Paper Source – last year I was inspired to make a wreath of felt with my kids! We cut out leaf shapes from different colored felt and hot glued them to a circular frame, then made little “berries” with red yarn – thanks for the inspiration!

  35. Katie says:

    I’ve definitely been loving the owl craze — in fact Paper Source owl paper (and faux bois) currently adorns the drawer fronts of a changing table I just spruced up. Its been fun finding woodland inspiration for the nursery for our little January arrival 🙂

  36. Pinterest has been a huge inspiration to me this year, that and my cute little dachshund Ammo!

  37. Aggie says:

    Walking into a PS store and the fact that there’s finally one in the tri-state area! Go Brooklyn!

  38. Sheeka says:

    I am inspired when I see something/learn something new. Whether it be in the craft world or in personal relationships, I am always inspired when I am challenged.. it allows me to grow as a person as well as a fellow craft lover.

  39. Nancy L says:

    I’m inspired by so many things. This last year I bought the Paper Source paper swatch book which is a rainbow of goodness. I have carried it in my purse all year pulling it out to find the right color of paper, envelopes, or to compare color combinations.

  40. I’m inspired by your calendar designs—all of them. I love to pick from the different designs as gifts for my friends. Thanks.

  41. Stephanie C. says:

    I’m inspired by all the handmade invitations I see on display in your stores and catalog! They make me want to host a party!

  42. Deborah says:

    I was first inspired by the envelope lining kit. I was amazed on how much a difference it made on my cards and letters. I had so much fun picking out new prints and finding the right color combinations. Its super easy and looks fabulous. In an effort to line more envelopes I sent out Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving cards to my friends and family. Now they can’t wait to see what will come next. My Christmas Cards are going to feature the Candy Canes paper.

  43. Coreen says:

    I’m inspired by my 3 1/2 year old daughter. She loves stamps, doilies, adn all things sparkly. When I watch her at work, I remember how much fun it is to let my imagination run wild and create!

  44. Mindi says:

    I am inspired by the owls, and covet that wooden owl cutting board! Also the vintage bicycles!

  45. Seattle Lulu says:

    For sure your catalogs are one source of inspiration! All of the designs, shapes and characters are great starting off points. Fashion also inspires me, from prints to accessories – its always refreshing to catch a glimpse of another artists work!

  46. Wendy D. says:

    This year I am inspired by my parents who are getting ready to celebrate 50 wonderful years of marriage. Equally inspiring are the awesome invitations and party accessories available at PS to use for their big celebration.

  47. Kelley Lubovich says:

    For me it’s definitely the stamps and fun embossing powders. I love seeing the designs come alive on my projects.

  48. Erin says:

    I bought the paper silhouette kit to make gifts for my family and was completely inspired by the simplicity of design!

  49. Crystal says:

    I love the patterns of the Japanese papers. They make great backgrounds for cards.

  50. Linda G says:

    This winter I’ve been inspired by stars and constellations. My graphic design business always mails out a year-at-a-glance calendar postcard and this year I created a little constellation graphic for each month based on what would be visible in the sky. The paper is a duplex sheet, with black on one side and cream on the other. So on the black side are all of the months and stars in a bright gold, looking a bit like the Yuzen Gold Houses on Black Fine Paper (although without the gray, brown, red, or green that the Yuzen paper uses.) Looking up at the sky can be inspiring night or day!

  51. Courtney says:

    I am inspired by all things Paper Source. I can’t walk into a store without leaving with a bag full of goodies I don’t necessarily need…but am so glad to have. I love my stash of papers, envelopes, wrapping paper, and labels. I get so much joy out of creating and sending a perfectly coordinated note…even if I’m the only one that appreciates it!

  52. Krissie says:

    All of the India themed colors and patterns. I <3 India anyway, but I love that you have made those styles so accesible in papers and stamps.

  53. Laura F says:

    I loved the giant paper bag monkey window displays. My cousin’s kids and I were inspired to make our own and had such a fun day designing and decorating monkeys!

  54. Alexa Kutler says:

    Creating “paper quilts” on my wall, using Paper Sources’ incredible collection of prints and textured paper has been my source of Paper Source inspiration for the past year. Who needs wallpaper or painted spaces when you can deck your walls with such beautiful material? I am a huge fan of combining cards that my mom has sent me (from paper source) with your papers, along with photographs of people I love. I also use your calendars as backgrounds for cards that I make, once the month is over. But mostly, being surrounded by your prints everyday keeps my life bright and colorful.

    Paper Source inspires me because your patterns make creativity feel contagious.

  55. Judy Nadler says:

    I have been inspired by the classes I’ve taken. A French-themed Bastille Day included delicious food, wonderful hands-on craft instructions, and a miniature French flag. But the best was a class on making simple books using vintage postcards. I brought a “non-crafty” friend who created a booklet for a friend’s wedding. The bride told me later that she and her husband agreed it was the BEST wedding present they received.Now my friend is thrilled to come to PS classes with me. I am inspired every day by Paper Source. Thank you so much!

  56. Joanne P says:

    There is so much that is inspiring about Paper Source. You walk into the store and go out like Wow! Did I really need that? no, but did I want it? ugh YES, absolutely! I love the creativity of the team and the colors, oh the colors – love. I love the little gnomes, but then I’ve never met a gnome I didn’t love, ha. I absolutely loveeeeeeeeee the owls, I’m probably biased because they are one of my favorite creatures but Paper Source captures them perfectly. OMG, the owl Halloween costumes were genius – I am so doing that. Happy Owlidays!

  57. Alexis says:

    Going into your stores is such a treat…i have never been so happy to see a store open as i was when you came to Palo Alto! Your staff is so nice too…
    My latest inspiration came from your simple mailing boxes and scalloped cards in the fabulous Chocolate Brown Color. The little girls were THRILLED to get their Gingerbread Party invitations seen here. http://jacolynmurphy.blogspot.com/2011/11/gingerbread-and-gumdrops-holiday-party.html

  58. Kay Mack says:

    Inspiration, Love and Sweet, Sweet Memories flowed from the wedding set selected from Paper Source/Austin by my daughter and now husband for their September 2011 wedding.

    Thanks to your wide variety of choices and excellent professional staff, they were able to entertain and amuse their family and friends with the one-of-a-kind Save the Dates, Invitations and Thanks Yous that reflected who they are and how proud they are of their Southern location. Paper Source rocks! I’m also inspired by your unusual and creative supplies, such as your wide variety of stamps and paper sizes. Thanks, PS!

  59. Sandy says:

    My inspiration comes from just popping into the new Paper Source store at University Village in Seattle.
    The colors, the creativity, the friendly staff and the knowledge that I am going to create something with the most beautiful products makes me feel happy.
    Today I am cutting out candy cane paper and lining red envelopes to make a Diva Wine and Cheese party invitation for December 18th.
    My husband of 48 years just passed away in October and I find if I keep busy with friends, paper, glue and scissors helps me through this coming holiday. Eighteen of my Diva friends will so enjoy receiving these beautiful invites that I have made. Thank you Paper Source. You rock!

  60. Allison T says:

    The Smash Book video that was posted on your blog a few months ago really caught my attention. I’m a little obsessive compulsive, so I didn’t think the disorganized “smashing” of random things was really for me until I saw one in one of your stores. Whomever worked on it did an amazing job, and I bought one along with all of the accessories that same store visit. I use it as somewhat of a storage unit of ideas on craft projects and recipes which I’ll then post on my blog. Let’s also not forget the amazing collection of fine Japanese papers you have in-store as well. I swoon every time I walk into your stores, and have a small collection of them myself which I’ve used to make scrapbook kits as gifts in the past. Thanks Paper Source!

  61. jo says:

    can’t be specific about one project/supply, but I find I’m drawn to & inspired by monochromatic color schemes w/ a “POP” of a color!

  62. When I saw a rubber stamp that said “Happily Ever After” I decided to use it to stamp on cut-out wedding cookies I was making for my niece’s wedding for her favors. I had never stamped on a cookie before so finding a way to do this with edible colors was challenging but fun. I also entered these cookies in the Orange County Fair where the won 1st place and division win. They also won 2nd place at the LA County Fair, both for edible art. Here is the link to see the wedding cookies – http://pinkmartinisandpearls.blogspot.com/2011/05/jennifers-wedding.html

    For my nephew’s wedding I saw a stamp of a drawing of a bride and groom and was inspired to make these cookies for his vineyard wedding – http://pinkmartinisandpearls.blogspot.com/2011/10/vineyard-wedding-in-sedona.html

    Inspiration comes in the most unexpected ways! 🙂

  63. Michalena says:

    I love the kits… Everything from the flower wreaths to the monkey puppets! There is always something fun to create on my own or with the kids.

  64. Amy Baldwin says:

    I would have to say the owls are crazy cute! I bought some of the owl paper and plan on creating a big mosaic piece with it. 🙂

    I am also obsessing over the little wiener dogs. I bought the dachshund pens for my little boys stockings as well as the super cute herringbone dachshund ornaments for our family tree. Each year we get ornaments that represent something special from this past year. We got the boys their first wiener dog puppy in July and they adore him dearly. Thank you Paper Source for helping to make our Christmas extra special!

  65. Meriabnefert says:

    I am inspired by the color and patterns of your fine paper—especially the Indian and Lokta/Nepal papers! BEAUTY-FULL!!!

  66. liz r says:

    while I love everything from Ps. One of my favorite things would have to be the blank stock colored cards and envelopes. I have received multiple cards from my two baby sisters-in-law with drawings, hand prints, feet prints, and photos. Everytime I receive one they make my day!

  67. Elizabeth says:

    Love, love their vintage themed cards this year! And, I’m always trying to come up with new ways to use their petal envelopes! Just love them!

  68. Leslie Edwards says:

    Your peppermint swirl stickers!

  69. Elise Turner says:

    The Paper Source wall calendar keeps me inspired at work all day long. It’s a work of art as well as being functional! It brings some much-needed color and excitement to my plain gray office cubicle.

  70. Janice says:

    I’ve been inspired by the DIY blog posts. I also work above a Paper Source, and I love seeing the new displays as the months/seasons change!

  71. Laura Melohn says:

    I love all the great owl things you have in stock. They are so great!

  72. Sarah C says:

    Pinterest is a huge inspiration for me – it’s a great collaboration from people with all kinds of perspectives.

  73. Noreen Ryan says:

    All these years it has always been the paper selection that inspires me. From the time I attended Ray College on Michigan Ave. in the mid-80s to now.

  74. addie says:

    starting a greeting card line has been my favorite development this year – and strolling the aisles of paper source has provided me with endless inspiration. the colors, patterns, textures, and options really do motivate me to “do something creative every day!” my go-to items are the solid note cards and envelopes…the color choices are the absolute best available.

  75. Joanna G. says:

    So hard to choose one thing, I love it all! From all the patterned papers to your awesome calendars…everything is very inspiring! Most recently, I was inspired by your Silver Birds & Leaves on Cream Fine Paper, which I placed on the back of a shelving unit to make it more special for the holidays and wintertime. Looks so lovely as a backdrop for milk glass vases and winter items!

  76. Bre R. says:

    Two things together inspired me: going to Paper Source classes and special and mundane events in my life. Moving across country, starting a new job, and buying a house all happened this year, but I moved from Berkeley to Baltimore, so luckily I am still close to a store and I was able to take classes and make a lot of fun things on my own thanks to PS!

  77. Mika says:

    I always love your calendar designs as well as stamps.

  78. Karen K says:

    The 1st thing that inspires me: The PS classes – I sit in the classes and think about ways I can recreate a Christmas Card, or Wedding Invitation, or book and apply my own brand of creativity to it. I always stock up after any class I go to! …which brings me to the 2nd thing that inspires me: a full basket!! Basically, I have been trying to recreate a mini-Paper Source store in my craft/hobby room so that I always have immediate access to supplies when the moment of inspiration strikes!! I’m getting there slowly – but surely.

  79. Becky says:

    I’m a musician. I work in music. Self expression is my inspiration. I have a very eclectic group of friends so personalizing things is very important to us. For the past 15 years I’ve been creating elaborate scrapbooks and after taking several Paper Source crafting classes this year I’ve learned how to turn ideas I’ve had for my scrapbooks and techniques I’ve used… into beautiful cards. After viewing some of the card ideas hanging in the store (this summer) I decided to make my own invitations to my beach house birthday party (flip flop theme inspired from the June blog entry). For the invitations I used a variety of summertime stamps, stickers and ideas from the Paper Source collection (stamps included: bbq grill, ‘happy birthday’, and a slice of birthday cake), and I use the mini clothespins, some twine, and beachy glitter paper. In one of the crafting classes I learned how to make something simple into a sticker/magnet (Xyron machine) so each envelope had a personalized flip-flop magnet on it (each with the name of the invitee on it). The invitations were adorable but I was missing my ‘music’ element, so I wrote a poem on the inside and each invitation was tied with ribbon to a Beach Boys CD (the enveloped had customized beach boys lyrics stamped on them) and mailed to the invitees. Needless to say, everyone who was invited RSVP’d with a “YES”. Paper Source summertime inspiration: Flip Flop theme, bbq grill stamp, mini clothes pin (used on invite to hang various beach items), blue and white twine

  80. Rena says:

    Thanks to the Paper Source I handcrafted my own letterpressed wedding invites with the Paper Source letterpress machine!

  81. Jaime says:

    I have definitely been inspired by the creatures. I love all of the octopus items!

  82. Susan M. says:

    I’m always inspired by the catalog because you guys always feature such cute handmade Christmas cards! I can’t wait to make some of my own.

  83. Celeste says:

    If I had to pick “Just one” item this year, it would be the wood-veneer leaf place cards, as crafted on the Nate Berkus show, that inspired me! Inspired me enough that I ordered them, double-faced brown satin ribbon, and I set to crafting them. Rather than using a sharpie I tried my hand at woodburning the names onto the leaves…which led me to creating personalized woodburned baby blocks that I give as gifts to new little ones! The leaves are a beautiful blend of nature and family…the best of the season!

  84. Melissa says:

    So many delightful things in the Paper-Source stores, blogs, website inspire me to “do something creative every day.” I must say the whisical mailing labels are a permanent addition to all of my cards & invites. All of my design projects are neatly filed in my beautiful flower file folders. Every wedding gift I gave this year was wrapped in the flourish wrapping paper. Every thank you card mailed in my mum thank you notes with my very own personalized address stamp from Paper Source. Each hostess gift unique from Paper Source…the list goes on.

  85. Megan says:

    Stamps! I was inspired but all of the different stamps and decorative paper this year to make a ton of awesome cards and paper products! So fun to mix and match everything together.

  86. Catherine says:

    Oh how I love Paper Source! My biggest inspiration comes from visiting the wrapping paper section at one of your stores. So fun to mix and match, play with color and pattern to give a beautifully-wrapped gift. I love giving nice gifts and it’s even more fun when wrapped in lovely PS paper.

  87. Lindsey says:

    I was inspired on a daily basis by my 2011 Paper Source wall calendar. I took the term “wall calendar” rather literally—I tacked up all twelve months in a grid on my wall behind my bed, making a beautiful headboard and wall art all in one! I loved waking up every morning and seeing those bright colors and festive designs. Can’t wait to purchase my 2012 calendar and start the new year off right! 🙂

  88. Shelley says:

    My inspiration has been my wedding and the great paper paper source provides. I found purple paper which worked best with blue, which are my two colors for the wedding and I decided to make my own save the dates along with my own invitations so I started with the paper. I had 3 different designs so people all got different designs. I then proceeded to take pictures and I decided o make a mini book for my save the date. He front showcases he beautiful paper with a monogram I made on front. Then inside there was a picture of my puppy siting next to dog treats layer out to spell save the date! I added the hotel info and then you have the magnet I made in the back. That consisted of a picture ontop of the paper again, I made sure I mixed up the front and back paper so everyone got to see two kinds of patterns.

    I haven’t started my invitations yet, but I have bought the paper and letting that inspire me to complete another masterpiece. I look forward to start this new project.

  89. Dawn says:

    Paper Source’s block stamps have been a tremendous inspiration for all of the notecards, envelopes, invitations and tags I’ve made this year. Beautiful feathers and flowers have become a signature of my items, and using the shop’s vibrant inks to stamp and emboss has been such a pleasure. I’m hoping 2012 brings new block stamps to choose from!

  90. I receive your e-mail notifications and what continues to inspire me is simplicity. The clean, uncluttered looks of your projects, the ways in which your designers make emphatic statements without fuss. I also delight in your colors, particularly your greens (chartreuse and clover) and the warmer oranges/yellows (papaya, poppy and curry), borrowing the combinations for color pencil illustrations.

  91. Kelly says:

    I was so inspired by the heat embossing tools I discovered for the first time at Paper Source this year! I heat embossed everything I could get my hands on!

  92. Nicole says:

    Two years ago, my girlfriend was diagnosed with Glioblastoma. She’s 30 years old, a wife, a mother, and one of the best artists I know. She used to great beautiful paintings, drawings, collages, you name it she could make it. Unfortunately, the tumor currently impairs her ability to use her right side, and she’s unable to do as much art as she used to. I create for her and get my inspiration from her and her journey. She’s taught me to see beauty in the tiniest, simplest things in life. I make sure to take time to be inspired by her and create something every day.

  93. Stephanie says:

    Pinterest has most definitely inspired me this year! To see all the wonderful ideas & fabulous DIY projects there I am awash with inspiration & ideas…if only there was enough time in my day. Ps-Paper-Source is & always has been an amazing inspiration as well from the day I discovered it while searching for unique wedding invitations 4 years ago…love, love, love!

  94. Shannon says:

    Paper and fabrics; patterns, colors and textures. Paper Source’s luxe frost paper inspired her simply feminine Christening invite, and their Rossi Blue print inspired my son’s elegant Christening celebration. Even personalities inspire – the dramatic energy of Olivia the pig inspired my daughter’s 3rd birthday party invitations, which featured an aqua envelope with red polka-dotted liners concealing a white, red and aqua invite with a red polka-dot paper ribbon and a hand-penned and hand-glittered Olivia applique.

  95. Felicia says:

    I LOVE everything from the paper source, im like a kid at a toy store everytime I go. This year I was really inspired by the fine papers, I love the patterns, the great selection and used them from oragami to book covers to envelopes and as wrapping paper, Love’em!!!

  96. Tiffany says:

    I have been totally inspired this fall by your Rossi peacock paper. I just love how it can be rich and luxurious yet subtle and delicate all at the same time. I love it so much that I’m designing a friend’s wedding invitations and paper goods around it. A bit of superfine soft white and a splash of pool paper as an accent and it’s just gorgeous!

  97. mk says:

    I spied a yellow and gray engagement ring card in your store and my friend went with those colors for her whole wedding! it was beautiful and modern, fun and easy thanks to many supplies from Paper Source!

  98. Mary Thomson says:

    I designed an entire thank-you-card concept around just the Gold Glitter and Persimmon Peacock paper — just because I thought it was pretty!

    Before I knew it, I was planning in my head, even while I was shopping at the Carlsbad store! I matched it with some dark aubergine card stock I already had, making 4-Bar envelopes from it, then using the Persimmon 4-Bar card with ink-jet vellum. The “Thanks” stamp with ColorBox Platinum ink, embossed with silver embossing powder, really popped, and I have gotten rave reviews about them (my colleagues can’t believe I made them, using just the envelope and liner templates)!

    Paper Source really is a complete one-stop store for both traditional stationery orders as well as creative individual solutions. Above all, it’s a FUN store, I can’t get enough! Inspiration abounds every time I get a catalog or walk in. Definitely Not Safe For Boredom!

  99. Cassi says:

    Paper Source Cover Weight Gravel is hands down my Paper Source product of inspiration. I created so many cards and paper projects with it, when I need a gray color, I always reach for gravel!

  100. I am inspired every time I walk into the store (either Chicago location will do!) or open the catalog. There are always so many great ideas – I am always on the lookout for great cards and often find them here. It never ceases to amaze me what you can do with paper. While e-mail is quick and easy, you can never beat a handwritten card!

  101. Kathy Haynes says:

    I am a usually a shopper who has to see everything and then make a decision and not always biting the bullet and purchasing right away. When my husband and I decided to make our wedding invitations ourselves, I was overwhelmed at first. I went to the Pasadena PS store and actually made some decisions right away and we then went with the color scheme of the lux cream and pool, we were doing a beach wedding and I thought it reflected the sand and ocean. Seeing all the colors out in front and focusing on what we wanted to say with the invites helped. But the store was great with helping me do that. I love our invites, they turned out beautiful, we even framed them.

  102. Emily M. says:

    I was inspired by your faux bois collection. It started with my wedding invitations and blossomed into a theme for the entire year. Note cards, envelope liners, gift tags – I’ve made them all. The eco white paper, smokey the bear stamp & faux bois patterned paper are my ode to the forest this year.

  103. Julie says:

    The uber-sparkly, über-thick 12×12 paper sheets inspired my holiday cards (green trees made from tiny snowflakes with tiny sparkly red snowflakes as ornaments). Just a smudge of that lustrous paper goes a long way toward making anything beautiful! One family member even put my holiday card on display in a frame because the sparkles capture the light so perfectly.

  104. Cory says:

    I love that every year when I go in to get my envelope and card stash to create my holiday cards that I find a gift for everyone in my family and of course my friends. Through my cards and gifts, I have got my whole family hooked on PS. This year I decorated my living room based on a piece of paper from PS that I framed, which is now the centerpiece.

    For the last three years, my local PS and the catalogs have been an inspiration and supply closet for every single joyous event. In fact, I even made a card out of your catalog once!

  105. Christine says:

    I’ve been inspired by PS new colors – peacock and paper bag. I just love the blank cards to create unique and personalized cards with my kids. The owls and just adorable too!

  106. Jennifer says:

    The ćlasses at PS always inspire me! I’ve taken card making, wedding invites, wedding everything, valentines and calligraphy! I absolutely LOVE PS classes!

  107. Natalie says:

    It’s hard not to be inspired by all the wonderful things at Paper Source! Just browsing through all the cute and fun things in the store, all the wonderful colors and patterns and textures, and possibilities – pure inspiration! It’s always so much fun 🙂

  108. Holly says:

    Now that I live in DC and all my friends and family live in LA, I have enjoyed receiving little cards, letters, and care packages from them. All of their affection and well wishes that are sent to me by snail mail have inspired be to revive keeping in touch through the use of the postal service. And as a result they inspire me to continue to find new and creative ways to paper craft and incorporate Paper Source’s vast collection of tools to make the letters, cards, and care packages I send as special as the ones I received.

  109. Kelly C says:

    I was inspired by the Mum stamps! I designed my whole wedding decor around them. They were embossed on the invitations and envelopes, stamped in turquoise and orange and cut out to lay across the reception tables, they were stamped all over large shimmery paper and cut to make garlands, and I even ended up getting mums to be floating in fishbowls on our tables as part of the centerpiece. They were everywhere, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

  110. Julie says:

    I am inspired by the amazing array of stamps Paper Source has available! There are so many whimsical ways to use stamps, from making your own patterned wrapping paper to decorating invitation edges, to making an envelope flap special! There are so many amazing colors of inks, from neons to pastels, and an endless selection of sizes, images, witticisms, etc.

    One of my favorite stamp decorating methods: tracing over a stamp imprint with a tiny brush dipped in glue , and sprinkling on tons of glitter. Nothing better than a little sparkle, especially during the holiday season!

  111. CfBetcher says:

    Owls! I bought the owl garland for my daughter’s second birthday– but instead of cutting a slice off the circle eyes to make scowling owls, I left them round to create a more playful garland. They inspired the color palette, the cake, and the invitations! Can’t wait to see what we can create together next year!

  112. Michele Kosciolek says:

    I am inspired by the PS catalog I get in the mail. It always has great ideas and great gifts .

  113. Joanna L. says:

    Paper Source’s collection of decorative papers are always a source of inspiration. I framed some and added to my gallery wall!

  114. Kerry says:

    Paper Source has inspired me both personally (my wedding was ripe with PS products!) and with my photography business. This has definitely been the year of the re-vamp of my business’ mailings. And Paper Source has been at the helm. I use the 4 bar cards for personal notes to my clients, thank you’s, etc, and the business cards for little handwritten notes tied with ribbon onto the packages of delicious prints for each client. I use your oval sticker sheets with my logo printed on it for a seal for packaging, and stamps (sometimes embossed, sometimes not) to make the packaging special. Everyone raves about the packaging these days and I can’t wait to see how it continues to evolve with the help of Paper Source!

  115. sarah mc. says:

    Inspired by so many things, but to narrow it down a little…your Lokta Bean White on Yellow paper. And unrelated, but I love the Sequined Elephant Holiday Ornament you guys have this year!

  116. Krista says:

    The sale section! I always go there first to see what I can get and how to make it work with other things I have/in the regularly priced area. I love saving a few cents here and there, and since I’m a hopeless letter writer/card sender, I need to try (keyword: try) not to go overboard. I did that with my sister’s wedding invitations – The enclosures were on sale and that gave me a jumping off point on what to do next. They turned out lovely and she liked them a lot! I also used the blank notecards and stamps for all of the other stationary needs and it worked out really well.

  117. tiffany says:

    I was inspired by my Paper Source “wrapture” class last night at PS Louisville!!

  118. Tery says:

    This year I decided to embark on making greeting cards. Also, because I have been learning the Hindi language, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to create cards with Hindi greetings.

    To my wonderful surprise, I discovered Paper Source online, and have been particularly impressed and inspired by the Indian Papers and Lokta/Nepal Papers designs. This paper is delicate, yet carries strength in it’s color and design.

    This discovery has truly helped me to redefine the style of cards I would like to be known for making.

  119. Sarah says:

    Paper Source not only inspired me, but my boyfriend as well. After an embossing demonstration from a friendly employee at my local Paper Source, he decided that he wanted to take up embossing with me and make Thanksgiving cards for our friends and family. Unfortunately, because the only embossing heat source that Paper Source carries is bright pink, he started to shy away from the idea. We went to another store to buy one. Alas, that one broke right away! So he went back to Paper Source – alone – and bought that pink heat tool to surprise me. It works beautifully, and our loved ones all received Thanksgiving cards as a result!

  120. Kristen says:

    I was inspired by the watercolor pencils. I have stamped for years, but the watercolor pencils just add a little something special. I saw a demo at the store in Thousand Oaks, CA and I love them!! The associate showed me how to take my regular stamped holiday cards to the next level with some embellishments and a little time added water color. They look fantastic, I can’t wait for my family to see them!!

  121. Bonnie says:

    I was in a Paper Source ( love it, the whole store is an inspiration) and looked at the faux wax and seals and I was hooked. I talked to the girls in the store who were very helpful and enthusiastic and I have been adding seals to everything in site! haha

  122. Audrey says:

    I’ve been inspired all year by the Paper Source 2011 postcard calendar. At the end of each month I send out a postcard to someone I love with a little note of affection or appreciation and it’s the best of both worlds…. beauty and mail!

  123. Chi-En Yu says:

    The Night flat cards! They inspired me to imagine a new day breaking in to the deep night — a perfect theme for Christmas!

  124. April says:

    I saw the Chrysanthemum page of your calendar in the shop window and had to have that calendar – when I got the calendar I fell in love with the bike page (April – even). I have an idea for a fun pillow or bag floating around in my head with a bike motif inspired from your calendar. The octopus on the calendar this year is calling my name.


  125. Linda Whitaker says:

    While I find all the “stuff” inspiring, I think the biggest inspiration for me in the blog. I love looking at the ideas in the blog, even if they are not for things I am making (like wedding invitations). I still find something beautiful and I usually learn something. I love to browse the older blog entries for new ideas. I also love your motto – do something creative every day. Just seeing that reminds me to take the time to do something creative. That is something that gives me pleasure, so I should always take time to do it.

  126. Stacey C. says:

    I’ve been loving all the owls this year from Paper Source. They’ve inspired me to put more owls onto my boards for future projects.

  127. Tonya says:

    I love the bicycle-themed illustrations that were in your calendar and all over the merchandise this year. I’m a biker and a designer, so I look to those for a refreshing, fun view. Later this year I’ve been turning back to those adorable owls. My mom has always loved owls, so it’s a bit of a throwback for me. 🙂

  128. Victoria says:

    Every time I walk in to Paper Source I’m inspired! Recently I was inspired by your paper selection, especially since I’m currently designing my wedding stationary. I love the color options, the envelope selection and all the patterned papers.

  129. Amanda Van Deutekom says:

    It’s hard not to walk into Paper Source and not be inspired. I’ve never described myself as being creative but after receiving the Envelope template kit as a gift, I was hooked! Another time I was in the store, won a raffle, received an embosser as the prize, and thus began another idea I was hooked to… From the selection of paper to make my own envelopes to the wide array of stamps to create my own cards, Paper Source keeps inspiring me to be more creative.

    Thank You Paper Source!

  130. Mo says:

    The wonderful craft-a-month calendar! We have it hanging up high in our kitchen, and I love the blast of color it gives. My daughter and I can make up stories around whatever’s depicted, but then at the end of the month I’ve a wonderful papercraft to make! All these skills have certainly proved useful this holiday season!

  131. Maureen says:

    I am so inspired this year by 2 of the classes I took – one about using recycled supplies and the other Handmade Weddings! Both gave me a great jump-start on my own projects!

  132. Jess says:

    I’m inspired by my friends! I love seeing what everyone has been working on and gleaning little ideas and methods from the amazing things they’ve been creating. It’s always fun to craft with my pals!

  133. Bonnie says:

    My source of inspiration is much smaller than some of the others listed. My friend and I have been making handmade cards to sell online. As simple as it may sound, creating something fun, colorful and appealing to the masses is very difficult!

    Enter the FORTUNE COOKIE stamp produced by the one and only Papersource.

    We have had so much fun with this one! From handwriting in witty, personalized fortunes to adding a little curled piece of paper as a fortune instead of the one on the stamp, this little purchase has opened our minds to just how many different creations can come from one item.

    Thanks Papersource for having an endless supply of color, sparkle and creativity to help me get into that DIY mode!

  134. Ruth Shimomura says:

    Throughout this year I have been inspired by the Paper Source 2011 Wall Art Calender. I knew that it would be most difficult for me to cut the beautiful designs to make the file folders, gift boxes, and note cards on the reverse sides, so I bought two calendars. I had one to cut apart and one to enjoy intact. Whenever I need a quick color combination for my greeting cards, I can refer to the calendar for inspiration. Many thanks for the bold designs and innovative color combinations. I have framed the October page to keep in my sewing room where I do something creative every day.

  135. Courtney says:

    I loved the matching envelopes and flat cards…in a beautiful turquoise. I wrote notes to the girls in our girl scout troop over the summer to brighten their day!

  136. Tommy says:

    Vintage office supplies get me every time! 🙂

  137. Bonnie says:

    The PS Bird house kits are so cute and very inspiring. I made them for my girlfriends…and kept one for myself, of course!

  138. Suzuko Davis says:

    I was inspired by the smash book bands. I have a sketchbook that they fit perfectly. From there it took off into covering the book with the great selection of papers, and then the smash book tapes, and all of the fun tape in the rest of the store. Then the selection of xmas cards inspired me to start a woodcut for my holiday cards. The store is a wealth of inspiration as u walk around, one leads to the next and so on. I love this store. It’s my favorite place. And I also love the window displays, the giant paperbag puppets over the summer were awesome.

  139. Mindy says:

    I’m inspired by all the beautiful, decorative papers in your stores. I use them for card-making, gift wrap, collaging… They’re gorgeous!

  140. Ale says:

    I am inspired by the whimsical owls. And all the beautiful packaging!

  141. Elisa Riccio says:

    Hello there. Precisely what inspired me in 2011 from Paper Source? Gosh, I’d like to say everything in the store, but I’ll name a specific item in a few. I am a greeting card maker and entering this store just always excites me with ideas. All the products sold specifically for greeting cards, all the colored flat cards/envelopes, stamps, ribbons, designed papers, and so on makes my wild imagination immediately soar and my hands tingle with excitement to set in motion. One time I attended an in store live art work demonstration at the Paper Source in Brooklyn, NY and just absolutely fell in love with the “Embossing Heat Tool” that was demonstrated. When pretty much beginning my greeting card talent I had always seen cards with embossing on them and never knew exactly the trick. I assumed it was some type of bigger machine that did it. I just loved seeing how the stamped image began rising with a certain color or even glitter. And so what took place for me right after, well, I just had to purchase it and try for myself. I can’t tell you how much more I loved it. It doesn’t take up space and it’s light, fun and easy to use. I have made many cards with this tool and my customers just love them. They’re always asking how it’s done. So this is it, apart from all of your great products that I use, this great embossing tool, that’s almost toy like for me : ) is what has inspired me the most in 2011. My bright eyes very much enjoys rubber stamping and placing the variety of powders and seeing the even more beautiful change occur. Happy Holidays!

  142. Stacy Diaz says:

    Starting a monthly Craft Club is what inspired me this year! I wanted to be around other creative/crafty people and asked my friends to join me on the first thursday of every month to learn a new craft. We have learned how to make paper flowers, limoncello, candles, wreaths, but we have also learned new skills like cross-stitching and knitting. I have always loved your motto “Do Something Creative Everyday!” and now I do it.

  143. Kristy says:

    I’m inspired by Paper Source workshops! I attend a few every year and always leave feeling inspired. The gorgeous papers always lift my spirits too!

  144. Megan Kerber says:

    Whenever I’m feeling particularly uninspired after a long day at work, or whenever I just need a break from the endless pixels of my computer, I walk over to the Lincoln Park Paper Source store and head straight downstairs to stroll among the rows and rows of chromatically arranged note cards, envelopes and paper. I have to admit, I gently pull the cards out of their perfect clear packages to take in the rich colors, smell the scent of fresh paper, and feel the texture and weight of the card in my hand. There’s just something about a perfect edge, an unusual size, an unexpected weight. When everything I do seems to be on a computer, it’s almost therapeutic to come to Paper Source. Thanks for inspiring and developing my hands-on creativity and musings. I’ll always be a fan 🙂

  145. Natalie says:

    I’m inspired by Paper Source’s amazing window displays. No matter what time of year or season, Paper Source’s windows are always inviting customers to come into the store and be inspired!

  146. Mandy says:

    When I first got married and moved to Virginia I didn’t know anybody. My husband saw on a friend from back home’s twitter that she was having a Paper Source inspired Christmas card making party. He made me go since I LOVE Paper Source and he wanted me to make friends. A year later today I just got home from my friends 2nd Paper Source inspired Christmas card making party. Tonight I celebrated a one year friendship thanks to Paper Source!

  147. Lindsay says:

    This is a coincidence because I was just coming to your blog to tell you I loved you guys so much that I HAD to feature my fave holiday wrapping products of yours on my blog & I wanted to make sure that was okay. So in all seriousness, YOUR PRODUCTS inspire me to create beautiful gifts for people and put that extra touch of thought into gift giving, Thanks Paper Source 🙂

  148. Erin Gutierrez says:

    This year I was inspired by the baby shower ideas! I became an aunt this year and poppy paper really inspired the colors for my sister’s shower invites and decor! It was a huge success. Thank you!

  149. Katheryne says:

    Last December I began working at my current job and it’s been a year of many ups and downs. The second day on the job, two people were let go. I’ve had one stressful year, a close family death, a job where friends are fired left and right, and an overloaded schedule as I am as well a full time student. Thank goodness I’m married to the most wonderful man I could have ever hoped for! And through it all, with each passing month, I remain inspired by the 2011 Paper Source Calendar that hangs right front of me on my cubicle wall. The colors, the illustrations and the joy to look forward to creating even more with the packaging templates in the back of each month…well, all I have is gratitude. Thank you paper source!

  150. ANGELA says:

    All you need is love! :o)… And some paper source papers. :o)

  151. shiori says:

    All of Paper Source is an inspiration. And if I could, I would purchase all of your single sheet papers and make a collage (of course, it would be a never ending one).

  152. many things inspire my creativity, looking others work, looking at nature, basic things, like waking up to birds singing. i have always been creative, i guess i ws born with it, after all i am a libra.

  153. Janilee Clark says:

    So Inspired by all Paper Source Elements my Favorite Holiday inspiration is the alligator Holiday Tags ….Enchanted Giveaway

  154. Meghan says:

    I love all of the owl prints and the gorgeous paper but I never want to use it because it’s too pretty!!

  155. Jen b says:

    All things travel related!

  156. Lori L says:

    My family old and new is what inspires me, I always try to capture every moment! Don’t want to miss a thing! <3

  157. Julie says:

    I was inspired by the custom stamps! I am a freelance graphic artist/web designer and I am always trying to be unique in correspondence with my customers. I made my own thank you cards and wanted something creative for the envelope I mail it in as well. The custom stamp I ordered through Paper Source with my business name and address looks both professional yet thoughtful and customers love the extra touch!

  158. Christie says:

    The monrovian stars inspire me this season

  159. amanda says:

    This year, I was inspired by my adorable and hilarious boys. I’ve made it my mission this year to capture every moment, not just the “typical” moments with them. Everything from potty training, t-ball championships, bubble baths, to disney character encounters, bike riding, learning to swim, and picnics.

  160. Cassie from Wisconsin says:

    I received the PS planner last year for Christmas and every time I opened it I was greeted with inspiring and uplifting colors. I also found that the colorscope in the back was very useful when planning my wedding invitations. I was also inspired by all the animals that I work with every day at my job at a veterinary clinic!

  161. Renee Rivas says:

    Paper Source envelope and liner templates have made sending cards throughout this year addicting! Rather than a plain envelope, I think more about the possibilities of doing something completely different and unique. My relatives and friends are in for a treat with this year’s holiday card!

  162. kristind says:

    Planning a wedding has inspired me this year! Looking at new ways to make things, inspire me. The world of other blogging brides has inspired me!

  163. Mandi says:

    Paper Source has SO many items to inspire, how do you pick just one? For me it was the first time I went into the Naperville store. I swear the craft angels sang as I walked through the door. The gorgeous wall of scrumptious papers had me at “hello”. So many choices and they’re all so yummy. This is truly a girl’s store, a place for mom’s to escape to (for me it’s without children) so they can just soak in all the possibilites. Paper Source never stops inspiring me.

  164. Whitney says:

    Color! Color really does it for me! I understand some people enjoy the calm that comes from decorating with a monotone color palette, but that just isn’t me, honey. My house is full of red, purple, turquoise, chartreuse, and yellow…oh, I just LOVE yellow. My house is quirky and whimsical, and the designs from Paper Source are the perfect accent. The crafts allow me to bring my sense of style with me when I travel. A colorful, little touch of the hues of home make a hotel room comfy and brighter. They make perfect gifts and are tons of fun to do with friends!

  165. Susan says:

    I use to live in Minneapolis and was a regular patron of your uptown store. I would go in there and automatically be inspired! Ever since I moved away I now frequent your blog for inspiration and get sad when I see you post upcoming classes that I can’t attend 🙁 But like I said I love your blog and one post stuck out for inspiration, it was about artist Helen Musselwhite. I just love her paper art! I recently started taking an local Altered Books Workshop and use her work as inspiration. Thank you for having a great blog 🙂

  166. Molly grazso says:

    In our electronic, socially networked, over stressed society, I was inspired by all of the lovely cards and stationery! How amazing is it to get a real letter or card in the mail on a day besides your birthday or christmas. Hand written notes are so special, and paper source has inspired me to write more of them!

  167. Ann says:

    I love looking at the store samples of handmade cards!

  168. heidi serrano says:

    Colors, textures, shapes–all these inspire me in some way or another. What I love about PS is that you incorporate all these elements in your papers and gifts, in ways that are easy for even amateur crafters to copy and modify, and feel the joy of having created something beautiful. Thanks for inspiring me to be creative, every day. Happy holidays, PS.

  169. Elizabeth Marquardt says:

    I made the poinsettia wreath with my daughter. It inspired me to highlight that rich red in other Christmas decorations inside and stock up on real poinsettias. My husband loves them but for years we didn’t have one because we thought they were poisonous if small children injested them. This year I realized our children are too old to eat plants (even if it’s a plant I WANT them to eat!) and I went for it!

  170. Jen W says:

    I was inspired by your color selections to make my own wedding invites. My family thought I was crazy at first but they turned out so cute!!

  171. Kim says:

    My holiday cards this year were inspired by the gnome rubber stamp. As a graphic designer, I can always count on PS to have the supplies I need when I put together paper-based projects.

  172. Angela says:

    I am always so inspired by the colors throughout the PS stores! For fun, I visit PS stores when I’m brainstorming new projects & always end up walking out with heaps of different colored sheets. I love PS colors! Keep up the fun work!

  173. Heath says:

    Your paper designs always inspire me to create a handmade book. There’s something about the colors and textures that always make me smile and get me excited about picking up my thread and beeswax to make some art.

  174. Rachel Z says:

    Planning a wedding was more stressful than I like to admit. But one of my favorite memories is picking out the invitations. We went for a simple, formal, traditional, Jewish design. But the paper lover in me asked the designer if I might incorporate “my touch” somehow. He suggested the envelope liners – and straight to Paper Source I went. I fell in love almost immediately with the Lokta Pumpkin, Gold & Olive Flowers paper. I say ulmost, beacause back in the summer, there were so many wonderfully beautiful Lotka prints that would have worked for a fall wedding. The women I spoke with were incredibly helpful, and happily sent samples that still hang inspirationaly on my office bulletn board. To this day, people comment on our envelope liners – they use words like “unique,” “gorgeous,” “sophisticated,” “perfect colors,” “wherever did you find it?” and “it was just so you.” Thank you Paper Source.

  175. Lynne Seay says:

    Well, I have to say that Paper Source itself is an inspiration to me. I just heard of Paper Source last week for the very first time. When my co-worker was telling me about it, I could feel my creative adrenaline start to pump. The way she described the papers, pens, calendars, wrapping paper, doodads, boxes, etc. I knew that this past weekend was going to have Paper Source on my agenda! So on Saturday, December 3, my daughter and I walked through the doors for the first time. We were so excited when we saw everything, we just went from one part of the store to the next; always showing eachother the next great thing! We decided we would like to have a sleep over in the store and just try everything, but knew that was not an option. After talking with someone at the store, we were delighted to find out we could have little creative get togethers at the store and invite our friends too! The creativity that exudes from the store is so fun, that I now know Paper Source will be a place I will always visit! I cannot wait for my catalog. Thank you for such a fun experience and for many more to come 🙂

  176. Virginia says:

    I’ve purchased many notecards at Paper Source over the last year, but my favorites are some simple letterpress Thank You notes with a gorgeous gold geometric pattern. They always inspire me to send another note of gratitude to a friend or colleague…I’m ALWAYS looking for reasons to use them!

  177. I am inspired by thick glittery paper, Nordic style Christmas and holiday papers, sweaters, and decorations! Also the colors hot pink and black 🙂

  178. Vicky M. says:

    I am inspired by other talented artist as well as projects posted on the Paper Source website and blogs.

  179. David says:

    Seeing my wife’s eyes light up with joy when she scans your catalogue, seeing her huge smile when she receives her orders from your store, and feeling so proud to see all the creative projects she finishes with paper from your store – book covers, thank you notes, envelope liners. I never thought paper could make a person so happy, but you’ve done it!

  180. Ryan says:

    I always love any Paper Source colors, but this year I’ve been especially inspired by pool and complementary colors. Love it!!

  181. Heather Clark says:

    Gosh, I think your slogan really is like my life motto! It’s always inspiring to read it. As for a more concrete thing on what actually inspires me, I’d have to say, “feeling”. Yes, that kinda has a double meaning, dealing with brides and all their feelings during the engagement period, the feelings you have when you send a greeting card, or my personal favorite, the feeling of the different textures and prints on paper. Love it! Love Paper-Source, love love love!

  182. Arline says:

    Your letterpress desktop calendars – nothing brings back a smile during the stressful work weeks like looking up and seeing the beautiful designs. Can’t wait to get my 2012 in the mail!

  183. Ashley says:

    TEDx Asheville inspired me to ENGAGE! Not only in my day-to-day life, but engage in my business, engage in my art, engage in my well-being. Pay attention to me while encouraging others.

  184. Elizabeth says:

    I was inspired by the clean lines and colors of the Academic Desk calender. I use it everyday to keep me organized and my desk clear so I can see it. Thank you for designing great products!

  185. Kayla says:

    Old Claude alphabet stamps inspired me to make stationary with ps color palette. Very pretty results!

  186. Angela says:

    My inspiration came from Paper Source opening a new store in Atlanta!!! I can’t get enough cards/envelope color combos from ya’ll!!!

  187. Kristin says:

    Since my significant other is not American and I am a new substitute teacher, I recently realized how much free time I have to make our new, multicultural home feel homey and holiday ready. But I also wondered how I could do this on a limited budget, as we are not around for the holidays. And then a beautiful window display appeared and my prayers were answered: Paper Source. Paper Source’s wide variety of holiday projects and quality papers have allowed me to create beautiful wreathes and displays to keep up for long periods of time, ensuring that I get the most out of the season and that my soul feels the spirit of the season.

    Thanks again for the quality projects, products, and amazing stores!

  188. erin says:

    I made a card, with some fun Paper Source paper, that was inspired by a gym buddies’ workout top,

  189. Amanda says:

    Paper Source inspires me to make things beautiful. Especially paper!
    This year I experimented with new stamping techniques. I sent a handmade thank you card and the recipient liked it and asked me how to get started with paper crafting. I pointed them to your website and blog.

    Inspiration is contagious!

  190. Katy says:

    I never knew Paper Source existed until recently! 2011 was a whimsical, magical year for me. I got engaged at the end of 2010, bought my first home (with my then-fiance) in August, and got married in October. We had the perfect autumn-in-Madison, WI wedding, complete with brilliant leaves, sunshine, delicious food, champagne, lovely conversation, and our beautiful friends and family. It couldn’t have been a more picture-perfect day. After our wedding, my husband and I honeymooned to New England and stayed in Boston. On our third day, we were aimlessly walking through Boston, without a care in the world, when we both stopped after we had passed a charming storefront window display. He said, knowing me oh-so-well, “Did you see that owl?” We literally backed ourselves up and I actually took a picture of the owl that was in your window. He was a paper owl, sitting in a paper wreath and he warmed my heart at first site. We strolled through the store and felt inspired by all the finely made paper and the level of detail involved in all that you produce. To take something as ordinary as paper and to transform it into works of art–into owls that stop people in their tracks–reminds me that everything can be beautiful and everything can transform. Take the year 2011: it was extremely depressing when looked at from a political and economical standpoint. But, Luke and I got married and created our own life which is a work of art in our own small world. Our simple life could look like just a windowfront to most, but, to us, it holds just as much magic and depth as a wise old owl at rest.

  191. Kristen says:

    I am inspired by Paper Source’s stamp collection every day! Now that I have built up quite the collection, I can easily turn a tag, card, or wrapping paper into a unique and personal gift.

    thank you

  192. Michelle Sample says:

    Honestly, I use your website anytime I need inspiration. I also always start with grocery-bag-beige to get a cute project going!

  193. Everything Paper Source is stunning how could you not be inspired by just about every page in your catalog and each click of the mouse on your site? Love all the fun whimsical designs. It has really inspired me to step up my packaging for my photography business, and I would love the gift card to put into fun more fun goodies for my business and lots of fun packaging! 🙂

  194. Kim Phillips says:

    Love, love, love the envelope templates and matching liner templates. Now, every card I make has an envelope and/or liner that matches the message and the card design. Have been in the graphic design/printing business forever and have never had so much fun…

  195. Sarah says:

    My stepson (almost 8…we met when he was 1) calls me his “arts and crafts girl.” We do, and have always done, lots of arts & crafts together. Every year we create gifts for his moms & grandparents…using Paper Source paper. LOve the colors, shapes, all the possibilities! I especially love creating my own snowflakes with PS’s rich-colored paper. I cut strips of paper, stack about 5 strips on top of one another, insert a brad through the middle of the stack, spread strips apart & wa-lah, beautiful snowflakes to string about the room! (adorable, easy, and reusable)

  196. Wendy says:

    I recently was able to pull my paper stash out of prison/storage. I’ve fallen in love all over again. The colors, the patterns, the feel of it. It’s going to be a papery Christmas this year. Yay!

  197. Jacquelyn says:

    I’m always inspired by the staff at the Berekely store! They are creative and help me gather not just supplies but also a game plan for making the ideas I have a reality.

  198. EmilyG says:

    I really resonated with the spring, summer and fall Pantone pallete of colors. I think they nailed it this year, I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with in 2012. Thank you for the gift card opportunity, I’d use it to bring evn more color into our life.

  199. Meg says:

    I love the Paper Source flat cards…I have a new advent calendar and wanted to write daily reflections/activities and wasn’t sure which paper to use, but then remembered I had some Paper Source business cards (Stardream Opal) that fit perfectly in the pockets. Love the way they look!

  200. Chelsea K says:

    My inspiration this past year stemmed from a new friend of mine. She’s very crafty and creative, and we instantly clicked over our love of art, DIY, and Pinterest projects. Our first crafty endeavor was signing up for a Paper Source paper flower making class. We had such a blast at the workshop, and then choosing paper (and a handful of cards–oops, how could we resist) afterwards. Now, we both keep an eye on upcoming classes and are planning to take another one together soon.

  201. Claudia Ahrens says:

    My inspiration comes from so many places! Here are a few…
    * A beautiful cursive font
    * The sparkly snow fall outside my window
    * A paisley pattern
    * The pastel colors that spring brings or the red & white contrast of the holidays
    * A&A from the 1920’s
    All while listening to Van Morrison :))

  202. Megan says:

    I got some really cute stamps and blank cards and for the first time in a few years I have the means to be home for the holidays so i sent all my family homemade gnome for the holidays cards telling them I would be home for Christmas. Soooo exciting. I just love paper source!

  203. Farrah says:

    I am really inspired by everything in Paper Source. Every time I am at Northpark Mall in Dallas I always stop in the store and touch the papers, look at the cards, check out the cool gifts. I am mostly always inspired by your creative window displays.

  204. Ruth Vierling says:

    I shopped at the Paper Source store in Minneapolis for the first time recently and it is now my new favorite store. I went in to purchase note cards and envelopes that actually matched. I am doing the 24 days of Christmas for my kids (6 sets) and bought note cards and envelopes to match so I could personalize them by adding fabric and very cool ribbon to sets of cards for each of the girls. I also had been looking for packaging string in large amounts (which is hard to find) and bought some of your red/white string and wrapped all 144 packages with lime green paper and your stripped string. After shopping in the store I came home and ordered the new silhoutte cutting machine to make tags and coasters and all kinds of great gifts for christmas.

  205. Laura says:

    I was inspired by your colorful box mailers! They make me want to go crazy with the invitations for my children’s birthday parties!

  206. Therese T. says:

    I love the “peace, joy, love” theme PS has going on: the first time I saw that there was a rubber stamp, I bought it; it’s a perfect theme for the season yes, but also for every season, and any time– to remind us to have peace, joy and love in our hearts, and to share it with others.

  207. Nancy says:

    I love strolling through the new Paper Source store in Louisville. The gears start moving and then before you know it, I have a hand basket full of inspiration!

  208. Ashley Caza says:

    I am always inspired by your gift wraps – an excellent source for color palettes and design trends! Keep up the great work!!!

  209. Mary says:

    I’ve been inspired by your fabulous selection of rubber stamps. I’ve even gotten my little boys interested in making cards and decorations with the stamps we have. Thank you!

  210. Melanie Freisinger says:

    I am inspired everytime I walk by the window and its rare that I don’t stop in and find something wonderful! I recently made the giant gnome and decorated someone’s front lawn for their birthday with it! They were thrilled and it was so easy! Thanks for all the fun!

  211. Karina S. says:

    My inspirations come from everything. Color, fabric, even the way something may smell. I look at trees and their tough out core and I can think of something to craft and even write. PS is such an inspiration to walk, to be absorbed by such a wide variety of colors, and textured papers it is just a crafters candy store. I always have to make a pit stop at paper source even if it is just to browse a new selection of stamps or a new way to do a craft.
    PS you are just a great store to come and be inspired!

  212. amy cochran says:

    I have been eyeing the mini envelopes {business card envelopes} for awhile and wondering what I could create with them… This year for Christmas I made an advent calendar with an envelope for each day and a fun activity within each one. Hung on twine using the mini clothespins also on your website. I showed it to my friends and 18 of them made the same one! Cute, simple and fun! Love Paper Source supplies!!

  213. Samantha F says:

    Nature and old vintage anything inspires me to create. I love the raw beauty of the outdoors and the history in a vintage piece like an old sign with retro type or a 12″ LP. It really doesn’t take much to inspire me but when I do head down that road, I like to stop by Paper Source.. 😉

  214. Ruthie Shimomura says:

    I am inspired by the mini accordion calendar. I carefully cut apart and put it a photo cube, so six of the current months are showing. I get inspiration from the bold graphics and innovative color combinations for my greeting cards. The calendar cube helps me to remember to “do something creative every day”

  215. Karen D says:

    I love Paper Source’s paper daisies. I am obsessed with making paper daisies and decorating my house and office with paper daisies. In addition to the ready-to-make kit, I’ve used pattern paper to make the prettiest daisies. Seeing these pretty paper flowers around brightens my day…especially when I’ve had a tough and stressful day at work. Love, love, love Paper Source!!!

  216. Megan says:

    Choosing strawberry notecards…. And a little stork stamped and embossed on cards and envelopes to annoounce the birth of our beautiful baby girl Emma Isabella 😉

  217. kat says:

    I was so happy to have my first baby this year! I shared it with everyone I knew by sending them handmade announcements made with embossing kit and card stock bought at your store. Thanks to all the helpful crew at the northpark Dallas store, everyone thought I had them professionally made. Thanks again guys

  218. Kelley M says:

    Bring on the gnomes!! Love them!!!

  219. Cara L. says:

    I am inspired everytime I’m in your store! This year it’s the gnome wrapping paper. Now I’m mixing and matching all my papers and ribbons in teal, blue & red. It’s a new and unique look for Christmas!

  220. Marcie De Leon says:

    My inspiration were the very natural but chic “paper bag colored envelopes” I used the “paper bag” effect from stationary, to notes, to signs in my wedding this past November! It even inspired to go buy natural jute and burlap accents for my wedding decorations! Needless to say, my wedding theme rocked!!!

  221. Vikki says:

    I am inspired by nature. I live by the beach, so the blues in the ocean, creamy yellow sand, emerald green palm trees and colorful sunsets inspire my paper and greeting card creations.

  222. Jenni says:

    My papersource inspiration came this summer from 4 sets of daisy kits and a spool of olive green paper ribbon gifted to me from my mom. I made garland and filled my dining room with beautiful daisies. I added my own extras. If it were still up I’d sen a photo.
    I also am constantly fed inspiration from being a fan on Facebook. By the time I get I. To te store I k ow exactly what I am there to get.

  223. Christina says:

    I’m a student at a university that’s 265 years old. The school owns an enormous library collection with books of all ages. I get so inspired by the different fonts and typesetting styles of the books I use for research! I also find inspiration in looking at a shelf of books and just noticing how different colors on the books’ spines will appear next to each other. The placement of colors is so random–it’s helped me make some great discoveries of unlikely color combinations!

  224. Kara says:

    I found my wedding stationary inspiration when I found your Paper Bag line. I wanted a wedding with a romantic theme. I went with creams and light browns with antique pink and touches of lace and kraft paper. I love graphic design and fine printing, so I knew I wanted to DIY my invitations. I searched the internet for invitation ideas for months with no luck. When I found the Paper Bag colored paper products, I found instant inspriation and planned my whole stationary set within a few days. It’s perfect! Thank you Paper Source!