wrapping paper

Few products unite us more than gift wrap. Our associates could spend hours discovering new ways to style packages, and our customers could recall numerous events that were made memorable by a neatly wrapped gift. And while we continue to share in these discoveries and special moments each day, our designers continue to concept new designs that fuel this fodder and inspire new ideas.

The latest designs are no exception…

gift wrap

Who can resist the retro fun of this Terrarium design. This Paper Source gift wrap style honors the art without the mess!

gift wrap

Delight in donuts all over again with this bold gift wrap style. A great design for sweet little accents, like the tiny bow made from satin ribbon.

custom gifts

It’s the perfect style for the Donuts Note Pad Set.

gift wrap

A customer favorite, the new Prism gift wrap is the perfect staple for your wrapping station. Great for birthday gifts, festive crafts and other celebrations.

iphone case

Enthusiasm for this colorful pixel print inspired our team to create a different kind of wrap — an iPhone case that wraps your smartphone in style! This stylish cover (and other Paper Source exclusive design) will be available this month.

wrapping paper

Flock to your local store for this Feathers wrapping paper design. The mix of feathers and arrows matched with our Paper Source exclusive color palette make this an interesting print for so many occasions.


A fabulous fall accent, our custom address stamp design and Feather Pack Kit offer more ways to adorn your crafts with feather fun.


Still not seeing something you like? Check out our Glasses wrapping paper or our Zebras wrapping paper. Both offer coordinate perfectly with other products, like Paper Source designed stationery, to help you create the perfect gift.

holiday gift wrap

Speaking of gifts, we know some of you are already thinking about the holidays. To help inspire your holiday gift vision, we are now offering holiday gift wrap online. All styles will be available in stores by November, but you early-birds can find it here: http://www.papersource.com/giftwrap/holiday-wrapping-paper.html

Happy Wrapping!