This summer, make your gifts stand out with our tips for gift wrapping and styling the perfect present.

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How to Wrap in A Gift in A Creative Way?

You did the research, made your shopping list, and found the perfect gift for the birthday, graduation, wedding, or other event worth celebrating this summer. Now, it’s time to show off your hard work by dressing up your gift with style and creativity. Before you begin, start by visualizing what colors and themes will make you even more excited to hand over your gift. We think summer is the time to explore colorful and whimsical designs, especially when it comes to choosing wrapping paper.



Pick Your Wrapping Paper

If your existing collection of wrapping paper isn’t following your vision, the Paper Source Wrap Shop is here to help with a vast array of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for fine paper, flat wraps, or wrapping paper rolls, our collections make it easy to find the right look. We picked 3 of our summer designs to get you thinking about the types of fun icons and patterns you can choose that pop off the paper

The Summer Icons wrapping paper and flat wrap includes a few of our favorite things: little flamingos, fruits, swimsuits, sunglasses and more beachy items on a light blue background. The Synchronized Swimmers flat wrap shows whimsical figures swimming and diving, making this the perfect paper for a pool theme. For a more tropical feel, the Tropical Leaves wrapping paper and flat wrap’s beautiful color scheme (and cute pineapples) is fun and festive for any occasion this season. Make sure to browse the Wrap Shop for more fun prints!



Ribbon and Twine

Now that you have your wrapping paper, it’s time to develop the color scheme. Take a moment to notice all the colors in the paper and think about which ones to bring out as accents. Adding ribbon or twine is a great way to do this. For example, the Tropical Leaves paper includes so many beautiful colors, but we chose the darkest hue for our choice of ribbon to make the lighter colors pop even more. The Navy Satin with Gold Edge Ribbon complements the other colors while standing out at the same time, and is wide enough to create a dark background for the light tan Natural Raffia Ribbon to go on top, adding to the tropical feel. We recommend picking one or two types of ribbon or twine with different colors and widths to create a layered effect and bring out the colors in the wrapping paper




Paper Decorations

Bring your gift tag or label to the next level by making a fun paper craft to go with your theme. Our DIY Paper Crafting Kits are a great way to do this. To go along with the Summer Icons paper, we used the Pool Party Animals Kit to create a decoration and a gift label at the same time. This kit includes multiple animals with summer accessories floating on inner tubes, but we chose the flamingo icon to go with the theme of the paper. The nice thing about these kits is that they come with pre-cut shapes and helpful instructions while still leaving room for creativity and customization. We chose not to decorate the inner tube and instead used the empty space to write a personalized message.



Extra Accessories

If you’re looking for that one final touch to complete your gift’s presentation, remember that decorations can be gifts too! Browse through our Summer Splash and Pool Accessories for smaller items that can be added to the outside of the package. We opted for quirky sunglasses and swim goggles that can be taped to or wrapped around the packaging. With options ranging from pineapple glitter, starfish, popsicle sunglasses and more, these accessories can be the pièce de résistance that completes your gift wrapping masterpiece this summer!



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