As far as lyrics go, this one is about the most perfect line you could apply to life…“All you need is Love!” And, while we often think this famous Beatles tune is merely a phrase pulled from the song, I hope the following story will inspire you to reconsider the power of a few well chosen words of love.

Recently I mentioned to Hayley, Head of Visual Merchandising at Paper Source, that my dad once stuck a Post-it note to my mom which read, “I love you ~ Bob,” and recalling this simple declaration of love still melts my heart. In return, she shared the sweetest story with me about her nephew, from when he was only a handful of years old. The story goes like this (forgive the paraphrasing for blog sake):

    “When my nephew was very young, maybe 3 or 4 years old, he had already learned to read and write, but he was shy about talking. One time, while visiting my sister, he came into the kitchen where we were having a conversation. We looked up and noticed he had a sticky note attached to him, which read, “feed me.” We chuckled, made him a sandwich, and he left the room. A little while later he came back into the kitchen with another note attached to him that read, “hug me.” My sister and I delivered loving hugs, and he turned and left the room. Now, about 20 minutes passed, and he returned to the kitchen doorway again. This time he had a note attached to him that simply read, “love me.”

At this point in her story I felt myself fill up with such emotion that I had to choke back a tear. It was such a great story– so simple, so powerful, so poignant. It reminded me that if I do nothing else in life, I need to put a pen to paper and scribble out my own words of love! Or capture a story like this one to tuck into a book to share.

Perhaps some of you have touching stories which inspired a project? Are there small moments, like this one, where love was all you needed to write, draw, or create? Tell us about your small moments of inspiration.

Signed…the hopeless romantic,

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4 Responses

  1. linda patti says:

    i have tears, you should have put a warning at the top of the story–KLEENEX NEEDED! lol

  2. Zemphira says:

    Yes, a warning would have been nice.
    Very heartful post.

  3. linda says:

    You’re both so cute, sorry about missing the kleenex warning (lol)…it did the same thing to me! Sniff, sniff, tug at my heart strings.

    Thanks for the comments…this story is a keeper and certainly one worth sharing! Happy early Valentine’s Day.

  4. Dorothy @ Kids Birthday Party Places says:

    awww 🙁 very touching story.. nice blog.