how to make a kiteThis is a great craft idea we put together to brighten our moods on a rainy spring day. Paper kites are a fun project to work on with kids and they make wonderful party decorations, or wall décor.

(One day when we are master kite-makers we will figure out how to make these for outdoor flying, but for now, these are indoor-only!) We find the kites to be most interesting when different paper patterns are used for the kite panels – here we used three papers from the Fauna & Flora paper collection.

This simple idea is a great way to feature any of your favorite decorative papers or wrapping paper — perfect for a kid’s room or birthday party. Enjoy!

The dimensions of the two top triangles are 6.5”W x 5.5”H x 8.5” (diagonal edge).
The dimensions of the two bottom triangles are 6.5”W x 11.5”H x 13.25” (diagonal edge).
Regular tape can be used on the back of the kite to connect the four panels into a kite shape.
We used a 24” length piece of our ¼” satin ribbon as the kite string, with 6” lengths of 1 ½” Satin ribbon tied in little knots along the string for added decoration.

— Karen
PS colors: moss & papaya
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