DIY Moments: Vol. 16 No. 5

When we added canvas pouches to our collection, we were excited with the challenge of crafting these blank canvases into pouches that matched our personalities. Follow the steps below to transform your pouches into picture perfect accessories or put your own spin on it!

canvas pouches decorated with stamps, paint and glitter

What You’ll Need


Pouch 1: Stamp & Tassels

canvas pouch with hashtags stamped on it and a pink tassel

  • Stamp the pouch with your favorite stamp and a pigment ink.
  • Using the heat tool, heat set the ink.
  • To create the paper tassel, cut 3 strips of paper – 2 short strips that are about ¼” – ½” wide and about 2” long. Cut your 3rd strip to 2” x 10”.
  • Cut fringe along the 2” x 10” strip with the fringe scissors, leaving about ½” uncut at the top. Loop the small, solid strip through the zipper pull and adhere to the uncut top of the long fringe strip.
  • Add super tape along the top of the fringe strip and roll the strip up tightly, starting from the looped stirp. Adhere decorative paper around the top portion of the tassel.

    Pouch 2: Paint & Poms

    canvas pouch painted with blue streaks and pom poms

  • Using a nylon brush and acrylic paint, paint your pouch in whichever fashion you choose – we went with an expressive stroke pattern, inspired by our new Artist Calendar.
  • Following the Loome Robot directions, create poms with yarn.
  • Tie poms through zipper pull.

    Pouch 3: Paint & Sparkle

    pink canvas pouch with gold glitter

  • Paint the entire surface of the pouch using a nylon brush and acrylic craft paint. We mixed colors to get the shade we wanted!
  • Once dry, run a strip of washi tape or masking tape to mask a section of the bag.
  • Paint the section you want glittery with PVA glue.
  • Coat with glitter heavily then press down on the glitter to reinforce the bond.
  • Shake off the excess glitter and allow to dry.
  • Once fully dry, shake the bag again to shed the remaining loose glitter.

    Mastered these pouches? Try these techniques on other canvas surfaces like shoes and share with us at #PaperSource

    Download and print this guide to take to your local Paper Source for easy shopping and crafting!


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    1. Lish Dorset says:

      Yes! I love that Paper Source is getting into offering more DIY blanks like pouches and picture frames. Great idea – thanks, Paper Source!

    2. Ariana says:

      What a sweet DIY!

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