This month it seems we have a love affair with all things French! From Lauren’s experiences in the color-filled countryside to our recent Parisian-inspired bridal shower, we’re smitten with the sights and sounds of France. And, to top it off, tomorrow is Bastille Day!

Get inspired at the Bastille Day Crafter’s Night Out happening tomorrow night (July 14)! We’ll have wonderful crafts, including stamped favor bags, paper covered magnets, and baby envelopes and stationery using Cavallini papers. Enjoy creating with fellow crafters while listening to classic French music and nibbling on light hors d’œuvre.

Sign up, find out more, and discover other inspiring Paper Source Workshops.

PS colors: paper bag & persimmon
Latest fave: Academic Great Big Calendar


2 Responses

  1. Teresa says:

    If you are in the Thousand Oaks (California) area, join us at our Crafter’s Night Out!

    We also have a store inspired workshop called ORIGAMI PARTY coming up on Thursday, July 21. It is only available at the Thousand Oaks store, so call or come in to sign up. Learn to make party invitations, party favors and decorations from origami pieces you create at the workshop. Come join us!

  2. Judy says:

    One more time—Please please please open a store in Columbus, OH!!!