No birthday party is complete without a well-stocked goodie bag. The only thing that could make your parting gifts more festive for friends and family? Making them yourself. With a simple lineup of supplies in your craft room, you can make custom gift bags to match any occasion. Use the below guide to add a personal (and pretty) touch to your next soiree.




Things You’ll Need:




How to Make a Gift Bag:

1. Choose your fine paper.


2.  Flip the paper over and fold it in half to find the middle point.


3. To create the top of your bag, flip over the bottom of the paper (about an inch) then fold the sides into the center point, overlapping slightly.




4. Secure the overlap with your tape runner.


5. To create the bottom of the bag, foldup the bottom of the bag 2 to 3 inches, then open the two sides of the paper. Gently pinch the sides in to create indented, puckered folds on both sides, then flatten the folds down to create triangular shapes.




6. Fold each piece of the bottom in towards the middle, then secure with the tape runner.



7. Fold in each side of the bag by one inch to create creases for shape and structure.




8. Add a piece of cardstock to the bottom of the bag to make it sturdy.


9. To create ribbon handles, punch two equally spaced holes at the top on each side and tie a ribbon of your choice through the holes, knotting at the inside of each one.




10. Create a label using a Petal Point Inkpad and a to/from stamp on a hang tag.


11. Add a fun, festive tissue paper.



Click here to see the full video!


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