Paper holiday decorationsMaking creative things is my job…and my heart. So to inspire holiday cheer, I made Christmas stockings for each of my department co-workers. Hung from a hutch and flanked by other holiday paper decorations, it’s a treat to walk into our area each day greeted by such a festive scene.

These personalized Christmas stockings are really simple to make. I drew a stocking shape onto solid roll wrap and holiday wrapping paper (you need two stocking shapes for each stocking), then sewed the pieces together by making holes along the edges with a 1/4″ hole punch and threading with metallic cord. I printed the names of my co-workers onto 1 1/4″ round labels and stuck them to the top of each stocking (a great alternative to handwriting). Finally, I edged the stocking cuffs with scallop scissors for a whimsical look.

Keep in mind, these stockings are for decorative purposes or for holding light items like gift cards or, if necessary, coal (made from paper)…wink!

Homemade Christmas stockings

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

PS colors: gravel & beet
Latest fave: Tree Trunk Tea Light and Japanese 8 1/4″ Scissors


6 Responses

  1. Your paper stockings are adorable! Great use of the round stickers too!

  2. Cheryl says:

    SO CUTE!

  3. Rochelle says:

    So adorable! Smaller versions would be great as gift-card holders for actual stocking stuffers!

  4. georgi says:

    Very festive!!!!

  5. So adorable….think I’ll make them for holiday cards!

  6. Lisa Wyckhouse says:

    If you use slightly heavier paper (like scrapbook square paper or rubber stamped cover stock) you can include something with a bit more weight like a small boxed present or candy bar along with the gift card. This personalizes your gift even more and it holds up beautifully — great idea!