DIY Moments: Vol. 17 No. 2

April showers bring May flowers – and although it is only February, we can’t stop dreaming about the wonderful garden parties we plan to throw this spring!  Bridal showers are first on our agenda, and our crafting experts have created a beautiful collection of bridal party accents using our new Pastel Petals Wreath Kit. The soft colors of our new kit make it perfect for showering a bride-to-be with a lovely outdoor bridal party.

Ever After Bridal Shower Banner

Use this kit and our downloadable template to create a beautiful bridal shower banner.  Check back soon to discover other creative ways of incorporating this kit into a bridal shower that will have her blooming with joy.

What You’ll Need:


  • Using the digital template provided, print out the letters of your choosing to use for your banner. Our template includes the entire alphabet, so you can create any custom message you’d like. We recommend printing at full scale.
  • Using either scissors or a craft knife, straight edge and cutting mat, trim your banner flags. Our Banner Punch Board makes cutting the pennant bottoms quick and easy, but this can also be done with your scissors or craft knife.
  • Once you have completed cutting your letter banners out, cut out slightly larger pennants on cardstock – these will be layered below the letter banners to create a boarder effect.
  • Adhere your letter cut outs to the white pennants using the tape runner.
  • Using a hole punch, punch holes in the top corners of each pennant. String your pennant using ribbon or yarn.  Starting on the left corner of your first letter, string from the front to the back so that the string only appears between each letter.
  • Assemble a couple flowers from our Springtime Wreath to add some dimension to the banner.  Directions for this are included in the kit.
  • Adhere the flowers to the outer corner of the first and last letters of each word using tape.

Download and print our handy shopping list for this DIY and share your Bridal Shower Banner with us at #MyPSWedding!


Rebecca is our in-house crafting expert who has been dreaming up fun crafts at Paper Source for the past 5 years! As Director of Workshops, she is constantly reimagining DIY elements into new ideas and classes just for you. Check out our latest workshops for more DIY opportunities or check out out past DIY Moments!


4 Responses

  1. Corina says:

    FYI: the banner punch board has a feature to punch holes in the top for stringing – no need to have an additional hole punch.

  2. Julie says:

    Can you change the color of the digital template? If so, how?

    • Meg Kowieski says:

      Hi Julie!

      Unfortunately, there is not a way to change the color of the digital template. You can, however, create your own banner by printing letters on a colored paper of your choice and using the Banner Punch Board to achieve a pennant shape.

    • Carla P. says:

      I was able to make a screenshot of the letters I needed within the .pdf, take the picture into photoshop and change the colors there. I actually printed them on patterned paper I bought at the local office store, then cut them appropriately. It worked well enough for me, and instead of baby blue, I had beautiful pink lettering! I used it for a birthday party banner for my niece. Hope this helps!