As we head back into the school season, it’s important to keep your dreams, aspirations and goals top of mind. A great way to do this is by creating this fun and easy DIY inspiration board! Pin up mantras, to-do’s, favorite quotes, inspirations and other tid bits to keep you motivated, moving forward and focused on what you’re grateful for.

inspiration board

Materials Needed

  • Heat Tool
  • Silver Metallic Natural Twine Spool
  • Memory Tape Runner
  • Checklist Stamp
  • Craft Knives
  • 3NM Super 77 Spray Adhesive
  • Cardboard Box “Spray Booth”
  • Assorted Pens
  • Assorted Embossing Powder
  • Assorted Stamps
  • Versamark Ink
  • Assorted Washi Tape
  • Basic Watercolor Set
  • Aqua Brush
  • Banner Stamp
  • Scissors
  • Pegz Stamps
  • Prima Press Holder and Stamps
  • Foam Squares
  • Heavy Duty Hole Punch
  • Assorted Solid and Decorative Scrap Paper
  • Packaging Tape
  • Luxe White A2 Flat Cards
  • Medium Clothespins
  • Solid Washi Tape Set
  • Super Tape 1/4
  • Floral Wrap – 2 styles
  • 13″x19″ Bookboard
  • Grey Flurry Wrapping Paper Roll
  • Rifle Ombre Wrap 1 Sheet
  • Paper Bag Diagonal Folder Enclosures
  • Corkboards (pack of 8) with Adhesive and Pins
  • Steps:

    1. Punch the top two corners of the bookboard with the heavy duty 1/8” hole punch.
    2. Coat the back of the Grey Flurry Paper with spray adhesive. Use an old shipment box for a “spray booth.”
    3. Line the edges up and adhere the paper to the board and smooth it down.
    4. Decorate the diagonal folder enclosure: Run adhesive along the 3 edges of the triangle pocket.
    5. Mount the wrap to the pocket, lining up the diagonal edge precisely with the other edges hanging over.
    6. Flip over and trim the excess with scissors.
    7. If desired, add an alternate color paper to the inside of the pocket. Repeat steps 4—7 on a 2nd pocket.
    8. Take the large strip of ombre paper. Choose the side you want to see on your inspiration board and place it face down. Fold over the bottom edge at about 1” and adhere it down with a tape runner.
    9. Fold the top edge of the large strip down so that the total height is roughly 3 1/2”. Do not adhere.
    10. Repeat step 8 on the small strip of ombre paper.
    11. Fold the top edge of the small strip down so that the total height is roughly 2 1/2”. Do not adhere.
    12. Nest the large folded strip inside the small folded strip.
    13. Adhere the bottom flap to the top flap to form a third flap.
    14. Mount pocket folders to the bottom of the board.
    15. Adhere the third flap of the ombre pocket band to the board with tape runner just above the diagonal pockets and wrap the ends of the bands tightly around the board.
    16. Tape down the excess with packaging tape on the back.
    17. Adhere another panel of Grey Flurry paper to the back with spray adhesive.
    18. Feel for the 1/8” holes in the board and pierce them with a craft knife.
    19. Run twine through the holes.
    20. Mount a cork square to the top right corner of the front of the board with the provided foam adhesive.
    21. Decorate clothespins with washi tape.


    22. Create title banners (using banner stamp and scrap paper) for the different sections of your inspiration board. Choose whatever titles you want and get creative with the look of your banners!

    inspiration banners

    23. Decorate a few cards to get your inspiration board started. Suggestions: Goals card, Mantra card, etc. Here you can heat emboss, watercolor, use washi, etc so you can have fun crafting.
    24. Adhere the clothespins to the board with Super Tape and add your inspiration cards and banners.

    inspiration cards

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    2 Responses

    1. Rhonda Nash says:

      I love the inspirational board concept. I really need this to go to the next level in my life. The mantra is exactly what I need. The visual reminder will help me stay focused on my goals.

    2. Lori says:

      Super cute and great reminders of what you want to accomplish!