scalloped stationery and envelope

I am a paper fanatic, and something tells me that if you love Paper Source as much as I do, you might be, too. I pick up cards just about everywhere I go, and I am always searching for the best stationery I can get my hands on. Of course, my favorite paper finds are the one that are unique. I love the thrill of finding notecards that I know no one else has seen before. There’s something about sending unique stationery in the mail that seems so much more personal, too.

stamps, embossing tool, and embossing powder

stamps, embossing powder, tray, stationery, and embossing tool

In order to get stationery that is completely personalized, why not make it yourself? Paper Source has everything you need to create a great set of beautiful, personalized, gold embossed notecards in a flash. I love this project because once you have the supplies, you are on your way to becoming a stationery making queen. Plus, it’s so simple, you can complete the entire project in just a few minutes time.

What You’ll Need:


  1. Place your stamp onto the ink pad gently. Do not press too hard into the pad. Pro Tip: reverse the pad so that it’s on top of your stamp and gently tap it over the stamp to cover.
  2. stamp pressed into inkpad

  3. Center your stamp towards the top of your notecard and press down. Be firm, but don’t press so hard that the stamp smears.
  4. stamp pressed on paper

  5. Remove stamp from the paper and set aside.
  6. Place stamped notecard face-up into the no spill tray. Sprinkle embossing powder over the stamped surface. Pick up the notecard and pour excess powder into the tray.
  7. spreading embossing powder over the stamped paper

    embossing powder covering the stamped paper

  8. Turn on heating tool and slowly heat the area where the powder is. Once the powder melts and creates a slightly raised, glimmering gold surface, you’re done!

heating the embossing powder with a heat tool

You can pair your new notecards with any of the colorful envelopes at Paper Source and send them off to all of your friends. I love the idea of packaging them in small cellophane bags tied with ribbon and gifting them, too. The options of DIY embossed stationery are endless!

a hand made stationery set

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