Trying to find the perfect gift that feels thoughtful and meaningful can be hard when online shopping makes everything so accessible.  With so many options, gift giving sometimes loses the feeling of surprise and delight you get when both you and recipient open their gift.  Creating a hand-made gift is our favorite solution!  A hand-made gift offers personal touches, creativity, thoughtfulness and often is more budget friendly than buying a gift from the store.  We have rounded up some of our favorite DIY gifts that are quick and easy to make before your next holiday party!

Pom Pom Planter

Inspired by popular trends, this DIY pom pom planter is the perfect to add greenery to work and living spaces.  Once the pom pom planter is complete, simply choose your recipients favorite succulent, flowers, or leafy green for a thoughtful gift that lives on for seasons to come.


What We Used:

  1. Recycled and washed tin cans
  2. Colored Text Paper
  3. Glue Gun
  4. Craft Knife
  5. Pom Pom Wired Ribbon

First, measure the text paper around the tin can you choose.  Trim the paper using the craft knife for straight edges. Then, use the glue gun to adhere your paper to the can with a line of glue at around the bottom and the top of the can for a clean finish.  Let stand and dry for a few minutes.  Once the adhesive is set and dry, start to measure the length of pom pom ribbon you will need to create your desired look.  To do this, simply hold one end of ribbon at the top of the can and wrap around until the ribbon ends meet and then cut.  Repeat for as many rows of pom poms you wish to have. Wrap each ribbon strand around the pot and adhere the ends together with hot glue.  When finished, add your plant.  By mixing and matching paper and ribbon, you can create endless options of custom plant holders for each person on your gift list!



2019 Photo Calendar

Give the gift of time and memories with a 2019 hand-made photo calendar.  Not only will you help your recipient start with an organized new year, you will be providing a gift that lasts all year long.  Each month when they flip the page to a new photo, they will be reminded of what a kind and thoughtful friend they have.



What We Used:

  1. 2019 DIY Calendar
  2. Printed personal photos
  3. Assorted Fine Paper like these flowers, leaves or city print
  4. Text Paper
  5. Double-Sided Tape or Tape Runner
  6. Paper Trimmer

Start by printing your favorite photos from the past year and trim down to your desired size (we did 2″x3″).  Next, collect your and trim your decorative papers.  Repeat with complimentary colors of text paper.  Layer the decorative paper, text paper and photo to create a colorful frame and adhere with the tape runner.  Once aligned, adhere with double-tape to the DIY calendar.  Get creative with this project by choosing seasonal colors, papers and photos that correspond to each month!



Illuminated Photo Box

Whether you’re scrambling for a last minute gift or are looking for a creative way to highlight your favorite memory, this illuminated photo box will do the trick!  A quick and easy craft to keep your favorite photo on display all day and night.



What We Used:

  1. 30# Inkjet Vellum Paper
  2. LED Twinkle Lights
  3. Small Vanilla Shirt Box
  4. Decorative paper – we used Metropolitan on Slate Handmade Paper
  5. Single Sided Tape
  6. Double Sided Tape
  7. Scissors

This gift is the ultimate home decor piece that people won’t believe you made and it is easy to do.  Simply print a picture of your choice onto vellum paper and adhere to an open gift box. Inside the box are tiny twinkle lights that shine through the vellum and illuminate your bright smiles.  For a full step-by-step guide to creating this masterpiece, click here.


Use these ideas and tips to win the holidays by presenting your loved ones with wonderful gifts! Want more ideas? Head over to the DIY section of our blog to check out many more projects that can serve as great holiday presents and check out our how-to videos for our crafting guides.





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