If you love the look of marble — classic, elegant, and luxe — but aren’t quite ready to refinish your kitchen counters, consider starting with paper. An achievable DIY project, marbling paper is a fun, easy way to celebrate this trending pattern. Follow this guide to craft festive paper to match any season or whim!


What You’ll Need:

1. Fill a foil tray with a few inches of water.


2. Drip small amounts of marbling ink onto the palette and mix to create desired colors. For best results, limit your palette to 3 to 4 colors.

3.  Place paper dots on top of the water.

4.  Using eye droppers, drop a few drops of marbling ink onto the paper dots allowing the ink to overflow into the water.


5. Continue to add ink in small drips around the tray, allowing the colors to mix. Use the stir stick to swirl the water, creating an organic pattern.


6. Once you are happy with the pattern, remove the paper dots. Gently lower your paper on top of the water and leave it in place for a few moments.



7.  Carefully remove the paper, avoiding drips.  Place your design face-up on a paper towel line surface to dry.


Once you’ve created your gorgeous marbled paper, there are so many fun ways to use it. Create framed artwork, gift tags, book covers, homemade chocolate wrappers — or simply see where your imagination takes you!