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Imagine this: the fragrance of arrabiata sauce fills the kitchen as it simmers on the stove top. Oh, the daunting task of clean up. As I sort through the mess, I hesitate to throw the empty tomato can in the recycling bin. As usual, I’m scheming, plotting, thinking: what could I make with this?

My latest idea: wash it out and make it into a delicious vase. Yup, I always treat myself to flowers after being such a good hostess. This technique is lovely, green and so easy to do– an empty milk or OJ carton also works great here, particularly with its water-resistant wax finish. Here’s how I did it:

Tomato can
I chose my favorite decorative paper (here I used the Lotus & Jasmine Garden print from our new India Collection), using tiny magnets to hold it together. The magnets allow me to switch out the paper when I want a change of scenery.

Milk or OJ carton
The key here is measuring the paper (shown here is our Dutch Woodcut gift wrap) so you cover the carton just right to create a finished edge. Here are some step-by-step instructions that might help:

1. Measure height of carton and add 1”. Measure distance around carton and add 1”.
2. Cut out your paper according to your measurements. Place a piece of double stick tape on the edge of the paper.

carton3. Carefully place the paper on the carton making sure that the bottom of the paper is parallel to the bottom of the carton. You will have extra paper at the top that exceeds the height of the carton.
4. Wrap tightly around the carton; keep paper parallel with bottom edge of carton. Crease each corner for neatness.
5. Add double stick tape to the underside of the edge of the paper and affix firmly to carton.
6. Place double stick tape along the top inside edge of the carton. Use scissors to cut slight angles out of corners of excess paper that is above the top of the carton. Push excess paper inside each side of carton.

Voila–beautiful, recycled homemade vases!
PS colors: gravel & chocolate
Latest fave: Teflon bone folder


3 Responses

  1. Raven says:

    what a great idea! I have been looking for ways to show off all the Paper Flowers I have been making with all my PAPER SOURCE paper. I just can’t seem to find the “just right” vase. This will be AWESOME! thanks for the tip! Can’t wait to get my soy milk container wrapped!

  2. Carolina says:

    I just LOVE the paper lanterns! I made them in different sizes and colors to decorate an event in my garden. What a hit!
    Thank you for this amazing idea.

  3. Sarah says:

    I love this idea for an inexpensive way to decorate for a party! So much better than having to purchase glass vessels for all of your florals… and you can coordinate with invitations, favor boxes, placecards…. oh, inspiration. :o)