Take your rubber stamp crafts to the next level with heat embossing – an amazing technique that adds dimension, texture and a professional finish. Our perfectly designed heat embossing tool melts color or clear embossing powder to enhance the look of your rubber stamped designs. Watch our video to see how quick and easy it is to add a brilliant finish to stamp projects.

  1. Ink your magical Unicorn Rubber Stamp using the Versamark Watermark Ink Pad, then stamp onto paper. (Future project inspiration: Try stamping onto gift tags, note cards and envelopes!)
  2. putting ink on a unicorn rubber stamp

    stamping the unicorn image on a white card

    pressing down firmly on the stamp

  3. Choose an embossing powder color – we used the Princess Gold Embossing Powder – and sprinkle generously over the wet ink.
  4. sprinkling embossing powder on top of the stamp while ink is still wet

  5. Rest the open jar of embossing powder on your handy No Spill Tray Mate and pour off the excess embossing powder (put back into embossing powder container to re-use) to expose your stamp design. So magical!
  6. poor off excess embossing powder

    card after excess embossing powder has been poured off

  7. Using the Heat Embossing Tool, move slowly across your stamp design to melt the embossing powder. This will create a raised, glossy or sparkly stamp impression. True magic!
  8. heating up the area with embossing powder using the heat tool

    heat the unicorn card after the embossing powder has been set with the heat tool

    the finished card with embossing powder, ink, stamp used, and the embossing heat tool

Supplies Used

For more great heat embossing project ideas, visit www.papersource.com/howto/ideas/Heat_Embossing


7 Responses

  1. ellie crompton says:

    Very impressed with the tutorials. I have been using this technique 4 years, but always look forward to learning about new tools. Thanks, ellie

  2. Judy says:

    Can you emboss on print other than stamped surface?

  3. maria pinto says:

    Do you have other embossing colors powder? or just gold?

  4. Debbie says:

    My daughter and I came in a couple of weeks ago and was shown a demostration and we both we immediately hooked.

  5. Kevin says:

    Purchased this tool two days ago. I’ve used it three times. It’s not been on for more than a few minutes at a time. Today, the motor began smoking and burned out. It will not even turn on now.
    I expect I will be able to get a replacement at the store from which I bought it?