My oldest daughter just went to sleep-away camp for the first time. It’s a big deal for both of us – she’s a bit reserved and home-based, and I like having her around! Of course I wanted to send her off with materials to write our family lots of letters (we’re five days in and nothing has arrived yet). She left with a cool set of Sukie stationery with 4 different types of writing paper and patterned envelopes (available in stores only at this point).

Camp stationery ideas

More importantly, I wanted to send her special notes each day to let her know how proud we are of her new independence (and how much I miss her, though this cannot be written too much!). I am so proud of the awesome camp stationery that I made using Martha Stewart camp-themed 12×12 scrapbook paper and stickers, tied to some of my favorite colors in envelopes and cardstock (peacock, persimmon, paper bag, curry, and pool). I lined envelopes using the envelope liner template kit with bandana, wood grain, ladybug and gnome-in-the-woods paper patterns. I cut the 12x12s into smaller cards or just trimmed them to fold into my A2 cards. Stickers went on scalloped cards to created 3D campfire scenes or corresponded to an icon in the liner pattern (e.g. an owl, bunny, trail sign, gnome). Most of these “ingredients” are still available in stores, but not all are online (though various interpretations are possible!).

My hope is that every note she gets makes her feel good because it is a connection from home, but also because each one is so cool that she will feel proud and show them off. When we dropped her at the bus for the ride there, I gave her a note written on a piece of 12×12 paper. I used a white uniball pen to write on the side that looked like a tree trunk (wood grain pattern), and then gate-folded it so that the opposite side pattern (woodland gnomes and creatures) came together and was sealed with a cool 3D gnome sticker. One of her friends looked over and said, “That’s cool. You’re so lucky your mom works at Paper Source”. So true!!


— Sally, Paper Source CEO
PS colors: papaya & pool
Latest fave: 2011 Paper Source Academic Grid Wall Calendar


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  1. Jenn Post says:

    LOVE this! the stationary you made is sooo cute, who wouldnt love to recieve a letter like that!

  2. Love these! The little critters are so cute! Wish I was spending the summer at camp! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jessie says:

    These are adorable! You did such a fantastic job! You’re daughter is very lucky to have a mom like you!

  4. Sarah says:

    Sally, these are fantastic! Sounds like your daughter might be having a lot of fun if she hasn’t had a chance to use it yet. I’d love to get one of those letters in the mail!

  5. this stationery is absolutely adorable-your daughter must think her mom is a rock star!

  6. Ellen Coker says:

    Thanks for the lovely story of a mother’s love for her daughter! Your daughter’s friend is right–she is lucky– to have a mom who thinks of ways to show her love.
    The stationary is marvelous and a creative use of paper, stickers and those great Paper Source colors.

    You have inspired me–my son is off to law school in August. One never outgrows notes of love and encouragement. I can also do a few notes to tuck in my husband’s suitcase as he begins a busy few weeks of travel.

    I am looking forward to early August and a trip to Seattle when I will get to visit the Paper Source in Bellevue! Alas although a beautiful place to live, Colorado does not have a Paper Source Store.

  7. Barb says:

    Be sure to save every note, card, scrap of paper you receive from camp. Then when your daughter gets home from camp as you unpack her dirty clothes and sand-filled socks, save every note, card, scrap of paper you sent to camp. Tuck them in a box and save. One day when she is all grownup, you will have a good laugh. One day I will turn all these treasure into a Paper Source scrap book. If I am lucky enough to be a grandmother, I will have something wonderful and funny to share with a grandchild nervous about going away to camp.

  8. How cool! I remember getting notes and care packages while away at camp. They help so much when you’re missing home!!! Your daughter will love these… I think the details are great and the owl is adorable!
    Melissa 🙂

  9. Erin says:
  10. Nicola says:

    How sweet! My 9yr old is off to School Camp in a few weeks – her first one! I love this idea and will adapt for her – she will only be away for 4 nights, but I will miss her dearly!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Lorajean says:

    These are so stinkin’ cute!

  12. Rachel Kristen says:

    I just came across this image in a google search for envelope templates, these envelopes are great! I love your spectacular paper choices! I’m incredibly jealous of your stash! I also added your envelopes to my pintrest, thanks for sharing!