Easter Egg Group

Ready to decorate some Easter eggs? If you’re looking for unique ways to style your shells this Easter, here are some options we’re in love with.


Easter Egg Gold Letters

Monogram it! We love the idea of personalizing eggs, either as a way to sign your creation, or as a special way to Easter egg hunt (like the first person to find letters that create a word, wins). Here are two ways to get the look.

1. After dying, place a Gold Glitter Alphabet Sticker on for a quick and easy finish! (pictured above)
2. If you want to step up your alphabet game, try placing an Alphabet Sticker on before dying your egg. When the dye is dry, remove the sticker and use a White Uniball pen to create a design. (pictured below)

Easter Egg Letters


Create dimension. After dying your eggs, use Stickles glitter glue to create a raised and shimmering design. Or, doodle on the surface with White Uniball and puffy pastel Souffle Pens and add the Stickles for a sparkly finishing touch!

Easter Egg Stickles


Decoupage. Use up extra scraps of paper you have lying around by cutting out shapes (we used White Ducks fine paper) and securing the design with Mod Podge (don’t forget the brush!).

Easter Egg Swan


Washi time! And lastly, one of our favorite (and one of the easiest!) ways to decorate eggs is by simply applying washi tape in a unique design. We used Twist Cord, Patch Tsugihagi, Gold Dot and Metallic washi tapes.

Easter Egg Washi


Also shown above: an adorable bunny design sketched with Sharpie markers and a design made with cut pieces of gold tape. You can find the Lime Green Paper Grass here.


4 Responses

  1. Susie Y. says:

    Thank you for the great Easter egg decorating ideas! I would never have thought about using my soufflé pens! I’m going to start decorating my Easter eggs a little early this year.

  2. Isabel King says:

    Just curious, I bought wooden eggs years ago in order to color them or do something unusual. Sadly they still are sitting in a tote and I have never gotten around to do anything with them. I’m not even sure they can be put in Easter egg coloring. Have you ever done wooden eggs before or anyone you know? I was afraid the coloring fron one of the kits might just absorb. They are white right now. Thank you, hope you can help! I love what you did with the washi tape, and the glitter glue stuff! Nice job! Gave me some ideas. But how can I get color over all the egg first? Isabel King