Paper Source Catalog February 2010

Sewing paper hearts

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how we created the cover of our most recent Paper Source catalog. Valentine’s Day is all about taking the time to show love, so we really wanted something handmade on our Valentine’s Day catalog cover. What we came up with was simple and lovely – a paper heart hand-stitched with the word “love.”

Create your own hand-stitched sentiment by following the easy steps below!

— Karen
PS colors: moss & papaya
Latest fave: India Calico File Folders

1. Choose the note card onto which you want to stitch (in this case our heart shape card). Next create a template of the note card from scrap paper or copy paper. Using your note card as a guide, trace its shape onto scrap paper.

2. Choose a word or phrase to stitch and decide how you want it to look. We tried a few different writing styles – some handwritten and a few fonts from the computer. Eventually we settled on the handwritten one shown. Print or handwrite your word onto your template making sure the placement is appropriate within the shape. Cut out your template shape.

3. Place your template on top of your shape card. Use an awl (aww…so cute!) to pre-punch stitching holes about 1/8” apart along the letters of the word. Punch through both the template and the shape card.

3. Now you’re ready to stitch! Remove your template and use ribbon, string or thread to stitch through the holes in your shape card. We used linen thread to stitch our little “love” onto the card.