We have a wonderful customer here in Dedham who loves to create her own special holiday cards and decorations. She visited us recently on our Grand Opening Day in search of a Thanksgiving placecard idea, perhaps a twist on our classic Turkey Placecard Kit. Along with my fellow associate, Calla, I had some fun concocting this adorable turkey placecard for her using our Owl Placecard Kit as inspiration.

Thanksgiving turkey card

We chose chocolate 4bar oval scallop cards for the body, and cut a few in half to create feathers. We cut poppy 4bar oval scallop cards into feet and a beak, and used red cover paper to make the waddle.

We gave our turkey some stylish eye shadow using gold 1.25″ circle labels. Two circle hole punches created the large white and brown eye components, and a 1/8″ hole punch was perfect for the small whites of the eyes. We think our turkey has some attitude.

Our customer was thrilled with our creation, and we’re looking forward to seeing her group of turkeys soon!

–Colleen, Paper Source Dedham Store
PS colors: beet & chocolate
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2 Responses

  1. This is adorable! So fun for the kids to make too.

    I just love your store and recently blogged about your turkey stamp in this post:

    best wishes,
    cristin @ simplified bee

  2. Very cute! My daughter would have fun putting this together!