Thanksgiving Garland

Create a lovely garland of thanks for all to enjoy this Thanksgiving.

Materials Needed:

• Garland of Thanks How-To PDF

• Printable Label Template

• Turkey Shapes Pack

• Paper Wraphia in Natural

• Superfine Soft White 2.5″ Round Printable Labels

• Small Die Cut Fall Leaves

• 1/8″ Hole Punch

• Transparent Tape

• Scissors



1. Using the Printable Label Template, print the words “GIVE THANKS” onto Super Softwhite 2.5″ Round Labels.

2. Stick labels onto alternating colors of turkey shapes. (Note that we have turkeys facing each other in pairs.)

3. Layout shapes and use transparent tape to adhere them to Paper Wraphia.

4. Stack several leaves in various colors on top of one another and use a hole punch to make a hole through the layers.

5. Thread leaves through end of Paper Wraphia and knot end. Repeat so that each end is finished with a stack of leaves.


1 Response

  1. Love it! This is super cute. What a great idea!