Gingerpaper Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are so much fun for kids (and adults!) – a festive count down of the days til Christmas. We were so excited to come up with a way to create an advent calendar using our Gingerpaper House Kit, so that kids could actually make their own (yes, with some help from mom or dad)! By adding numbered shingles to the house, you have a way to mark the days – and because the roof opens, parents can hide candy or little gifts inside, as a surprise for each day.

A great way to get the whole family into the holiday spirit!

– Claudia
PS colors: curry & fuchsia
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Materials Needed:
How-To Advent Calendar PDF
Gingerpaper House Kit
Eco-White 1 1/4″ Circle Labels
Pool 1/8″ Satin Ribbon
1/4″ Super Tacky Tape
Glue Stick

1. Follow the instructions included with the Gingerpaper House Kit. When assembling the roof and shingles, do not apply adhesive to the entire area of the shingles. Instead apply only a line of glue along the top edge of the shingles (see A in How-To PDF) and attach to the roof panels. Attach only one side of a shingled roof to the house’s front and back triangles (B) – this will create a hinged roof so you can place treats inside. Assemble the rest of the Gingerpaper House Kit as instructed.
2. Add numbers 1-25 onto 1/4″ Circle Labels in one of two ways: print numbers using our online circle labels template or hand-write numbers directly onto the labels. If using our online template (Microsoft Word), follow these steps to properly format your text: In Word, go to Format, go to Font tab, select desired font and input font size (approximately 20); go to Character Spacing tab, choose position: lowered and by: (approximately 50-65 pt); click OK. These steps will allow you to print numbers on the lower half of each circle label.
3. Fold the numbered 1/4″ Circle Stickers almost in half (C). Stick in place, using the exposed portion of sticker as the adhesive, to the shingles by tucking slightly under rows.
4. Add a ribbon handle to the roof (the half that opens). Measure approximately 7″ of ribbon, loop and adhere in place under middle of shingled roof line using a 1 1/4″ circle label.

Tips: Add a special treat inside the Gingerpaper House each day, or for a multi-kid family, add a bowl of treats for everyone to enjoy! To count down to Christmas, use extra circle labels to cover each day, or gently peel off each circle label, or keep a marker handy to cross off each day.


3 Responses

  1. What a fun craft to do to usher in the Christmas season! This gingerbread house is zero calories and won’t cause cavities either! πŸ™‚

  2. This would be a great idea for next year – I already did my calendar this year – I cut envelopes in half and glued on die cut numbers and adhered them onto a decorative cork board. But I love this idea with the gingerbread house – all the candy in one spot!.

  3. gabby says:

    I helped cut out stuff for this project!! πŸ™‚