Halloween Card

Wish your friends a Spooktacular Halloween with this adorable Happy Jack & Spooky Cat Halloween Card.

Materials Needed:

• Halloween Card How-to PDF

• Beet A7 Folded Cards

• Pumpkin Shapes Pack

• Black Cover Paper

• Curry Cover Paper

• Eco-White Cover Paper

• Fuchsia Cover Paper

• Poppy Cover Paper

• Happy Halloween Rubber Stamp

• Wicked Black Color Box Ink Pad

• Orange LePen

• 3/4″ Hole Punch

• 1/4″ Hole Punch

• Glue Stick

• Scissors or Soft Grip Knife and Cutting Mat

• Pencil



1. Begin by tracing and cutting all of your templates – cut the pumpkin face templates and the cat head template out of Black paper.

2. Next, cut two cat eyes from Curry paper and 2 cat ears from Poppy paper using the templates.

3. Stick all of your templates in place using glue stick.

4. Using the 1/4″ hole punch, punch two Black circles (cat eyes), two Curry circles (pumpkin eyes) and one Fuchsia circle (cat nose). Stick the circles in place.

5. Adhere your finished cat and pumpkin shapes as shown, slightly overlapping them and letting pumpkin and cat hang over edges of card. Next, trim areas that hang over card.

6. Using the 3/4″ hole punch, punch a Black circle and cut in half to make cat paws and stick them in place on pumpkin.

7. Cut banner template out of Eco-White paper and stamp with message. Color in message using pen and layer banner onto Black paper. Trim banner leaving a Black paper border around three sides as shown.

8. Finally, stick banner in place and admire your spooky Halloween masterpiece!


1 Response

  1. Pene says:

    How FUN is this! I can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for the links.