Festive, bunting-inspired celebration banners are one of our favorite party trends in recent memory. There’s just something about the way a simple combination of fine paper and string can encapsulate the spirit of shouting “hooray!”

With a handful of supplies and a bit of imagination, crafting a celebration banner is a lovely way to add a touch of personality and pop to a party’s decoration scheme. Our simple guide will show you how to master the Art of Celebrating!



What You’ll Need:

For the Banner

For the Tassels




1. Decide on a message for your banner. Shorter phrases like “yay” work well in a single banner, while longer messages like “Let’s Party” fit better on two.


2. Measure the space you plan to hang the banner and cut your twine about 18 inches longer than the length of the space. This way, your banner will have a nice dip and enough excess twine to secure it in place.


3. Gather your paper— the more the better! Layer patterned or wrapping paper over a sturdy card stock. Use your Banner Punch Board to cut out individual pendants for each letter of your message.


4. Use the Alphabet Punch Board to cut out each letter of your message.


5. Affix each letter to the center of the pendant with your tape roller, and if desired, use foam squares for an extra 3-D pop.


6. Decorate each piece of the banner with tassels (make your own with tissue paper and washi tape).


7. Using the hole punch, create a small hole at the top corners of each pendant.


8. Arrange the message, letter by letter, then string them up with the twine.