And you thought only teddy bears were lovable? This adorable little Panda makes a huggably sweet folded note- perfect for your Valentine sentiments! Created by the Paper Source Craft Design team, you can construct your Panda Love Card with colors of the season, or mix and match with your favorite PS colors. He’s just too cute to pass up!

Materials Needed:

• Paper Source Panda Love How To

• A7 Persimmon Folded Cards

• Fuchsia 4 Bar Heart Cards

• Black 1 ¼” Round Label Sheets

• Ecowhite 2 ½” Round Label Sheets 

• Ecowhite 4″ Round Label Sheets 

• Googly Eyes

• Black Brads

• ¾” Circle Punch

• Silver Metallic Sharpie Marker 

• Gluedots

• Scissors



For panda body:

• Punch a ¾” circle from center of small black label, for panda tail.

• Stick tail just behind one large ecowhite label.

• Stick body with tail onto card, leaving room at top of card for head and ears.

Assemble panda head before sticking to card:
• Cut a small black label in half, stick in place onto medium ecowhite label.
• Punch two ¾” circles from centers of small black labels and stick in place just below ears.
• Adhere googly eyes on top of black punches with gluedots.
• Finish assembling head by affixing one black brad as nose.

To finish:
• Stick panda head onto card slightly overlapping body.
• Cut two more small black labels in half for paws and draw lines for claws with silver marker.
• Stick paws onto heart card as shown, using them to keep it in place on panda body.
• Write name or message onto heart card.


3 Responses

  1. Esther says:

    Pandas have white, not black, tails! All of them.

  2. Susie Ross says:

    My kids classes made these cards and they loved them!

  3. Nice content. Card is looking very nice.
    My daughter love making cards.
    I will tell her about it.