Decorate pencilsMake the mundane magnificent by covering mechanical pencils with beautiful papers! Improving on an already classic idea and using refillable – not disposable – pencils makes complete sense in this time of reusing and recycling. Enjoy the fruits of your labor over and over (and over again)!

PS colors: gravel & beet
Latest fave: Japanese 8 1/4″ Scissors

Materials needed:
Mechanical Pencils
Decorative Paper (Indian & Japanese papers work best!)
PVA Glue
Glue Brush
Guillotine Paper Trimmer (optional)

1. Cut strips of decorative paper to fit lengths of mechanical pencils, with a 1/4” overlap.
2. Coat backs of decorative strips with PVA. Wrap around barrels of mechanical pencils just below erasers.
3. Reuse over and over and over again!


15 Responses

  1. Nicole says:

    I absolutely LOVE this…I’m adding it to my crafting “to do” list for sure! Thank you for sharing this idea. 🙂

  2. annie says:

    nicole – i LOVE creating & sharing ideas! you are so welcome!

  3. Linda says:

    Nice to cover stick ball point pens with papers to match hand made set of cards. Soooo many possibilities!

  4. Judy H. says:

    @Linda–fabulous idea!!

  5. annie says:

    linda – that’s using your noodle!

    judy – i concur!

    i think this should be a new way to get kids (of all ages!) ready for “back-to-school”…covered mechanical pencils, pens, notebooks, clipboards. as linda said “soooo many possibilities!”

  6. Ryane says:

    What brand pencil was used in the photo above?

  7. lilDebbie says:

    more fun and less expensive than using fabric or ribbon!
    I will try it this weekend!

  8. Valerie says:

    Very cute, and they sound easy to make. I don’t really use pencils myself, but perhaps I’ll try pens as Linda suggested. 🙂

  9. Lisa says:

    Love this idea. Just made the A2 note pad and want to make matching pencil. I’m having trouble finding a good mechanical pencil w/o a “pocket hook” thingy (which are often a weird color or with a logo). Any ideas on a brand or other type of pencil?
    thanks 🙂

  10. Paper Source says:

    Annie found hers at an office supply store – here’s an example online:

    She liked these mechanical pencils becuase they have a plain silver finish and the taper looks like it could be wood.

  11. Lisa says:

    Thank you. I found the pencils. I’ve been busy making all kinds of gifts with this idea.

  12. Tiffany says:


    Do you have to use PVA glue? I read about this project on another craft website as well, and they recommended using Mod Podge. I really don’t know the difference between the different glues out there-except I have noticed that some-like elmers make the paper warp if you use to much. Maybe this could be an educational blog post for a glue expert out there? Running to check to see if PS has already done it!

  13. Pilar says:

    Great idea to use for advertising as well. Is there a machine that would simplify the job when making thousands of pencils? Love to hear from you.

  14. I love the idea of personalizing your pencils, this can be a great gift as well.

  15. Crafty_Love says:

    I love this! I’m also smitten with that paper. Gorgeous! <3