Pop up Halloween party invitation

I’m a sucker for a pop-up, so I knew I had to incorporate one into a spooky Halloween party invitation this year. There’s just something about the unexpected three-dimensional experience that instantly puts a smile on your face… and then, like a self-proclaimed geeky engineer, you can’t resist opening and closing it to see the mechanics behind it all. Creating a pop-up is actually quite simple, and once you learn, you’ll want to add pop-up elements to all your party invitations and greeting cards. Go ahead, let your inner geeky engineer shine!

PS colors: eco-white & pool
Latest fave: 12″ Guillotine Trimmer — great for cutting large sheets of paper!

Materials Needed:
A7 Folded Cards Chartreuse
Bat Rubber Stamp
For, Date, Time, Place Rubber Stamp
Graphite Black Brilliance Pigment Ink Pad
8 1/2″ x 11″ Black Text Weight Paper
Adhesive Crystals
4″ Round Labels
1/4″ Super Tacky Tape
PDF Template

1. Using Graphite Black ink pad, stamp bat images onto the inside of a folded card. Have fun by stamping them every which way…even up-side-down!
2. Trace and cut out the large bat shape from black text weight paper using PDF Template.
3. Fold the large bat shape where indicated (see image A on PDF template). Confirm the placement of the bat inside the card by holding it in place, then opening and closing the card. When satisfied, adhere super tacky tape to the bat as shown (see image B on PDF template).

Halloween Party Invitation Supplies

Stick one side of the bat into place with all parts folded, then fold the card closed on top of folded bat – this will adhere the second side of bat to the card.
4. Create eyes by placing adhesive crystals on large bat’s face.
5. Stamp For, Date, Time, Place below the bat on card inside right panel. Fill in your Halloween party details.
5. For the card front, print “You’re invited to…” onto a 4″ round Eco-White printable label that will look like a moon. Adhere in place and stamp one bat next to moon sticker.


5 Responses

  1. Zandra says:

    This was perfect! Just in time as I am doing a mini scrapbook and was looking for a pop-up idea. THANKS!

  2. Debbie says:

    this will make an awesome Halloween greeting card! thanks!

  3. K says:

    Awesome!!!! I’ve been looking for Halloween ideas and this is the one!!

  4. Dawn says:

    love this card, made it myself then shared it with others, thanks for the great idea.

  5. Love it, thanks for sharing.