Kristen's brownies

Chartreuse dots lined brownie tray

Invited to a summer BBQ recently, I tried this fun decorative idea to transport my go-to homemade brownies (a jazzed up version of the boxed kind that could fool anyone). While I like to use something inexpensive that I can leave behind, those disposable aluminum trays kind of kill the presentation. And if my mother taught me anything, it’s that presentation is key.

The solution?

Just a few sheets of decorative paper and a little bit of double-stick tape!

A few cuts and folds later my boring aluminum tray is cheery and far more presentable. (I used Chartreuse Dots since I also had some coordinating napkins on hand.) I found it easier in some areas to tape the paper to itself or to another layer of paper rather than directly to the aluminum. Depending on how much butter your recipe calls for, I also recommend placing a layer of wax or parchment paper along the bottom to prevent grease marks.

Really nothing more than wrapping an unusually shaped gift– but you’re left with something lovely that you don’t mind leaving behind.

Happy summer to all!

P.S. The secret to my brownies: I add a little espresso powder and chopped walnuts to the boxed brownie mix for professional flavor.

PS colors: pool & chocolate
Latest fave: Gold, Pink Dots Nesting Box – great to have around for last minute gift wrapping.


4 Responses

  1. um…best post ever! a delicious treat AND a beautiful paper-inspired presentation. great work!

  2. Mom says:

    If your mother taught you anything…it’s that presentation is EVERYTHING! How about the fact that you and I used to use double stick tape and nice wrapping paper to make plain gift boxes special? Now you can just go to P-Source and buy a box that is already gorgeous!

  3. Marilyn R says:

    Great idea, Kristin! Everything you do is presented beautifully, so I wasn’t really surprised… I like the espresso powder in the brownies idea. I’ll have to try that–next time I’m NOT on a diet, that is.

  4. Laura says:

    I can vouche for both the brownies and the presentation – they were both amazing!