As candy cane season approaches, the time to reach out to loved ones with warm wishes is also near. While technology makes it easy to keep in touch, nothing really says ‘I love you’ like a thoughtful, handwritten letter.


With the U.S Postal Service reporting a 10 billion letter drop in the last 20 years, there’s no question that our gadgets have made it easier to keep in touch – but that doesn’t mean we should swap out the keyboard for a card. (Pro tip: Need help finding the perfect holiday card to accompany your message? We’ve got you covered!)


The art of a handwritten letter honors traditions of the past and serves as a timeless memento to the present. Here are the top five reasons why you should put pen to (really pretty) paper this holiday season.

  1. They Keep Memories Alive, Literally

While a handwritten letter creates a physical memory, research shows that the act of putting pen to paper leads to a greater retention of information, too. Because it’s difficult to keep a stable pace while writing by hand, the brain encodes information differently, resulting in richer memories. That means both the sender and receiver will have something to cherish.


  1. They Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

At Paper Source we’re all about the Art of Creating. And there’s no better way to spark some out of the box inspiration than using paper as your foundation — just look at the facts. The mere act of writing increases neural activity in certain parts of the brain, unleashing creativity that other actions just can’t.

  1. They’re Mood Boosters

If the stress ball isn’t doing the job, try gripping a pen instead. Studies by Harvard Medical School found that expressive writing can help reduce stress and anxiety, regulate emotions, and even improve your mood. And similar to keeping a gratitude or dream journal, the act of recording positive thoughts is directly linked to positive thinking.


  1. The Significance of Tangibility

Whether tucked away in a box under the bed or displayed in a memory book, handwritten letters serve as timeless memorabilia. Your fingers can follow the pen marks from beginning to end, and your eyes can capture that tiny teardrop that fell from the cheek of the sender. It’s a tangible connection you can hold, smell, and feel, offering a sense of comfort and love.


  1. A Connection to the Past

While pigeons may no longer be the main vessel of delivery, that doesn’t mean handwritten letters can’t still honor tradition. For hundreds of years, letters were the only means of long-distance communication. They provide an intimate look into the thoughts and lives of generations from the past. And some of the world’s most famous works wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for this art. So, let’s always remember to cherish it!



If you’re feeling inspired this year, try creating your very own card and envelope. It’ll add that personal touch to make your loved ones feel extra special this holiday season.





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