PS labelsBeing organized is a beautiful thing. So is finding easy ways to be creative! Labels and stickers are a perfect blend of the two because they satisfy the urge to get organized in a creative way. Here are a few fun ways we at Paper Source like to use labels and stickers.

In school we all remember covering our books with paper to hide their second hand covers. You can do the same thing with books on your shelves at home, color coordinating cookbooks, home décor, gardening, art, fiction, and non-fiction books with solid color paper covers and contrasting labels. Labels and stickers also dress up any file folder– be it a manila one you are recycling, or one with lovely Chartreuse Dots as shown. Either way, you will be pleased with the hit of color and decoration they provide. They can also play a part in defining your filing system, organizing the file content through use of label color, decoration, or shape.

Around the House
You can carry these organizing themes into any closet in the house – labeling boxes and shelves with contents. Very satisfying to accomplish and to look at!

Several of us have also used labels in recent moves – labeling boxes by color, by room. This helped direct which boxes went into what rooms, quickly and correctly. Nothing worse then being exhausted from moving and then having to re-lug the right boxes into the right rooms!

Sticker wall clockTime Management (sort of)
Finally, I thought I’d share this wonderful idea for keeping time. Annie and team came up with the idea of using a Paper Source circle card and coordinating circle stickers to make a mid-century mod wall clock! The clock itself is a little battery-operated box with hands. You can find one at your local hardware store. When hung behind a circle card (hands sitting on top of the card) with four 2”circle stickers and twelve 1 ¼” circle stickers surrounding the center to mark the hours of the day, the inexpensive clock becomes modern art!

P.S. A word of warning: putting our stickers directly onto a wall may pull off paint if removed. We suggest you apply the stickers to solid roll wrap then hang on the wall if you do not want to damage your walls!

— Cindy
PS colors: chartreuse & pool
Latest fave: PS India Elephants Wrap – I love the proud marching elephants with their beautifully painted toes!