October is in full swing which means once Halloween has come and gone, the winter holidays will be approaching. We don’t know about you, but thinking about Christmas season gets us oh so excited for cups of hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, gift giving and holiday crafting. One of the most thoughtful ways to send your season’s greetings, your fa la las and your ho ho hos, is by adding beautiful touches to the envelope of your holiday cards. That’s why we make sure each is lined, sealed, and delivered with details that surprise and delight the recipient. Our DIY expert, Rebecca, came up with some fun and easy ways to personalize your holiday cards – from stamping, to envelope lining, and everything in between!

personalize your holiday card


lined envelope

Use our easy envelope lining templates to add gift wrap, photos, fine paper, kids artwork, or anything you desire to the inner flap of the envelope. This allows the recipient to get a burst of color or see a fun photo right when he/she opens your card!

paper lined envelope


sealed envelopes

Add a festive and special detail to close the flap with wax seals, stickers, printed labels, self-inking custom stamps, embossing, and washi tape! The creative possibilities are endless.

sticker seal

stamp sealed envelope

Use a custom stamp to add a fun return address to the back of your envelope. We carry a plethora of designs that are perfect for the holiday season!

custom stamp


hand lettering

Address each envelope with style! Use colorful labels to add the recipient’s address to the envelope. Or, try your hand at hand lettering to create some beautifully written addresses. Let loose with some different styles and have fun with it!

Items to Check Out:

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If you want some new hand lettering tips, check out this great Creative Hand Lettering book!

hand lettering

Accent Your Cards

accent your cards

No need to create something from scratch to add some DIY touches! Add some glitter, twine, stickers or other embellishments to your holiday cards to make them stand out!

Crafting is all about doing what makes you smile and having fun – there are no rules! Dabble with some different techniques and show us what you make using #PaperSource.


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  1. Kim Stover says:

    Do you have any designs for Real Estate Agents?

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