PS_ Thank_You_Cards_Persimmon_PaperBagWe recently noticed that many PS bloggers list their favorite PS colors as Persimmon & Paper Bag. It’s true! These new colors have quickly found their way into many of our craft projects & product designs. Persimmon, bold, happy and bright, tempered by the earthiness of Paper Bag. It’s a cheerful, down-to-earth combination.

Inspired by the suggestion, I headed to our new Southport store and soon found myself with the beginnings of a card-making idea…Persimmon folded cards, Paper Bag business cards, Paper Bag envelopes and Lokta paper to line the envelopes. Hoping to find the rest of my materials in my paper scrap box (full disclosure: closet), I headed home.

Here’s how the card came together:

Miscellaneous paper scraps from years gone by, punched into little circles with a 1” hole punch, arranged in a flower shape and adhered with a piece of tape on the back.

Paper flower shape is punched in the center using 1/8” hole punch, and brad becomes the flower center.

Paper Bag business card, cut in half lengthwise, message written with Micron pen.

Paper Flower and business card message adhered together onto the front of the Persimmon folded card.

Envelopes lined, and voila!

While Jadeite will always be my first true love (oh, how I miss thee!), Persimmon & Paper Bag, I can say for certain now, this is real love.

— Karen
PS colors: persimmon, moss, paper bag (of course)
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3 Responses

  1. Emily says:

    I LOVE this! This is going to be my new favorite “thank you” card–I love it even more because I already have all the supplies =) Persimmon is definitely my favorite all-year-round color.

  2. Sarah says:

    BEAUTIFUL! I love love love these.

  3. Lauren O'Donnell says:

    Karen, it was def. love at first site with persimmon 🙂 I just ordered A TON of the “merry christmas bicycle” cards today actually – yippie! Hope all is well at PS!