Your phone is full of adorable photos — vacations, special occasions, and everyday moments that make you smile. But how often do you really look at them? Creating a memory book makes these photos easier to enjoy and look back on. Follow our simple guide to craft a story you can share with the people you love most for years to come.




Things You’ll Need:





How to Make a Memory Book:

  1. First, sort through your memories. Whether they’re digital photos storedon your phone or ones you’ve already printed, make sure you’ve picked your favorites to feature in your book.




2. If using digital photos, print out your photos on good-quality photo paper and cut them out using your Trim and Score Board.




3. Decide how you’re going to organize the photos. By year? Event? Theme? The sky is the limit.




4.  Open your Kinsho Photo Journal, and slide a title (written on the White Cover Stock Paper) into the front pocket. Anything from “Our Family,” to “Beach Vacation 2018,” will do the job. (If you’re feeling creative, this is a great place to practice your hand lettering skills!)




5. Secure the Photo Corners onto your pictures, then attach them to your page.


6. Lastly, add detail and embellishments. Gold Foam Letters are an easy way to create messages, and Rubber Stamps and Washi Tape add pops of color and texture to the page.



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