Welcome in this holiday season (and welcome Spruce back into our colorscope!) with a deal on holiday cards that will let you cross everyone off your list! Buy two sets of holiday cards and get the third set 25% off!

This year, why not inject a little (or a lot!) of magic into your messages with embellishments that send more than just Season’s Greetings – they really show how much you care.

Read on for inspiration on how to make our holiday cards truly your own.

Glitter embellishment

Whether you consider yourself an accomplished artist or you just like to put your personal stamp on things, you can get as creative as you want with glitter! Our Paper Source exclusive designs are unique and beautiful, but don’t be afraid to embellish, adorn and bejewel to your heart’s content.

Holiday GlitterHoliday Embellishment

Add sparkling “berries” to a festive pine tree design, or sprinkle some shimmer on a birthday card meant for a special someone. 

Creative labels

Labels go a long way in elevating your holiday envelopes and offer even more opportunities to get creative!  Use adhesive labels to decorate plain envelopes using stamps, or address your envelopes in elegant calligraphy for a truly impressive presentation.

Stamp it, color it in, and voila! You have a custom-made label that will make them think twice about tossing that envelope!

Or, for a polished look, choose your design and opt for personalized return address labels!

Colored pen/pencil on chalkboard style

You don’t have to design a greeting card from scratch, but you sure can customize the colors! Try using colored pen or pencil on a fun, chalkboard style design. You can personalize every card for the loved ones on your list!

Metallic markers make these chalkboard letters stand out! 


Extra embellishments are the icing on your holiday card cake, so dig in! From crystals to confetti, and stamps to stickers, the possibilities are endless! Tie a dainty baker’s twine bow on your card for an extra touch.  Or put your stamp on it by decorating one of ours with glitter, gelly pens or brilliantly-colored brush markers!

Envelope lining

Adding lining to your envelopes is a classy way to put your own spin on things. Envelope liners offer an extra pop of color or design to your cards and truly elevate them to keepsake status. Opt for an envelope liner kit to make things extra-easy this season!

Pair contrasting patterns for a fun and funky look, or include holiday wrap to round out your festive greeting.

How will you adorn your holiday cards? Share with us on social or at #YestoPS!