DIY Moments: Volume 16 No. 10

Colorful Calendars Used as Framed Artwork

Every year, you scour our stores looking for the most beautiful calendar to organize your life with. Once you find the perfect one, you can’t wait to hang it on your wall to marvel at all year long.  Sadly, you only get to look at each picture for one month before having to flip it over or rip it off, never to be seen again. Rather than tossing each picture into the dark abyss, up-cycle your calendar to create wall art that you can admire for years.

All you need for this project is an old calendar and a couple of frames. We used our Artist Calendar and various sizes of white picture frames (which can be found here). Flip through the calendar to find the images you would like to display. Trim the pictures to fit the frames you are placing them in. Hang your pictures up on the wall and you are done! Reward yourself with a day (or week) of straight television watching, enjoying the ambiance of your new decor.