creative gift wrap ideas
Like all faithful paper geeks, my favorite part of gift giving is the wrapping. Here are two unusual techniques I like to use that often get a “wow.”

Masu box baseOrigami box
An origami box is a super cool way to make your own gift box out of any paper. Here are a few additional tips to keep in mind:
– To create the box base, just repeat instructions cutting a square approximately 1/8” smaller. This will allow the lid to fit over the base.
– Experiment with different papers to accommodate the weight of the gift you are wrapping.
– Be sure to go back in and reinforce any folds (especially sides of box so that edges are crisp) using a bone folder. Use double stick tape or decorative stickers to hold the inside flaps of box secure (see photo).

If you like ribbon but want a more simple finish than a square knot (the knot du jour here in the PS design department), thread the ribbon through a metal washer from the hardware store. Depending on the width and texture of your ribbon and the hole in the washer, it’s just enough tension to hold the ribbon in place. One part utilitarian one part unexpected flourish. It’s also so much easier for the recipient to open than a knot or bow and leaves fewer wrinkles so they can reuse the ribbon too!

book wrapLook ma, no tape!
This super easy wrap is based on a Japanese technique used to wrap kimonos. It works well on soft items and in this case, books.
With the decorative side of the paper facing up, take one edge and fold 1” – 2” towards the opposite side to create a hem. Flip paper over (so the decorative side faces down) and lay the item on the paper. Be sure to leave a good amount of extra paper on sides of your item. Fold un-hemmed side of paper over the item; fold hemmed side over item (the hem can be centered or not). Push in the centers of the excess paper on sides to create triangles (see photo). Fold triangles underneath item. These are purposely left longer so that there is plenty of surface to tie the ribbon over. While holding the folds in place, wrap ribbon or twine many times around package and tie. Repeat on other side. This wrapping technique makes it easy for the recipient to open, and because there isn’t any tape, the paper is in good enough condition to reuse as well!

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Latest fave: Teflon bone folder

P.S. For these two I used our Chartreuse Dots print and our Butterfly Migration print.


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  1. love the origami paper box!