Now we love our double-faced satin ribbon dearly, but it’s nice to bring different ribbon styles into the mix and we’re thrilled to have new paper ribbon. These gorgeous biodegradable ribbons are made from 100% cotton that is responsibly grown and dyed in the USA. The ribbons can be recycled or composted after use. And for decorating and gift wrapping, they do it all…they shred and curl beautifully, you can write on them, or feed them through your trusty Xyron and even work with some inkjet printers.

Paper ribbon gift wrapping




Shredding paper ribbonPaper ribbon gift wrapping

These ribbons are made in Milwaukee in a small facility with limited workers who set up the machines and manually roll the ribbon onto spools once it comes off the line. The owner of the company bought the equipment at an auction back in the late eighties and revived a century old way of making the ribbon. Spools of thread (about 50 of them) are brought together from large machines, glued together and made into various widths of ribbon. The original company went out of business back in the fifties when ribbon started being made out of synthetic materials.

Making paper ribbon

Ribbon made in USA

Paper Source carries 10 yard spools in 1/2″ width in solid color ribbons (including our three new PS colors peacock, persimmon and sunshine) and polka dot ribbons. Also arriving later this summer are 2 different colored bows made of paper ribbon.

PS colors: fuchsia & red
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  1. Brandy says:

    Ohhh how fun! I can’t wait to get my hands on some.

  2. Sandy says:



  3. Fran Cory says:

    I am looking for personalized ribbon made of paper.
    Would that be something your company could do, or do
    you know where I could get that done?

    Thank you