Colorful Rosettes

Paper Rosettes


Rosettes can be created in a variety of sizes. Keep in mind the length of the paper should be at least three times the width to ensure the rosette fans out properly. One sheet of paper will yield 2 rosettes measuring approximately 20″ – 24″ in diameter, depending on paper chosen. For a step-by-step to create the base rosette shape, follow these instructions.


        1. Cut sheet of paper in half as shown (A).
        2. Accordion fold strips, approximately 1″ intervals, using bone folder to crease folds.
        3. If desired, unfold paper and use hole punches along edges.
        4. Tie linen thread or twine around the center of each folded strip (B).
        5. Use scissors to cut ends into a round or pointed shape if desired.
        6. Fan out strip and use tape to adhere sides together creating a circular rosette (C).

Paper Rosettes