Okay I’ll admit, the past few years I have not been so lucky in love. None the less, I am still a hopeless romantic, so I decided to create my own “recipe for love” Valentine cards using our Mini File Folders. Now this isn’t Hogwarts and these concoctions may not work, but it’s still so much fun! Consider delivering your Valentine messages this year in a creative package like this.

Make your own recipe cards

Valentine crafts

Most people put their recipes inside file folders, but these wonderful mini tabbed folders are actually great for printing on the outside. I printed my recipe for love on each (2 cups sweetness, 1 spoon of romance), then embellished them with Valentine rubber stamps and decorative hole punches. Tuck your Valentine greetings inside these folders for a private way to deliver your message.

Let me know what your ingredients are for love – I just might try mixing it up! Here’s hoping you have a sweetie to share a recipe of love with this February 14th!

p.s. If you’re looking more inspiration on valentine crafts, check out our new Valentine workshops in January and early February.

PS colors: chartreuse & pool
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  1. Beth Miller says:

    Great recipe for love! Might want to add a pinch of forgiveness and sharing.