Thanksgiving is fun for SO many reasons. In my family, everybody works together to prepare the meal, each person with a specific task (the same task each year so we’re experts). I am in charge of the green bean casserole and place cards. I take each of these tasks VERY seriously, and I have a lot of time to think ahead about place cards. I work on the PS catalog, so I get to see all the wonderful ideas the designers have devised months ahead of the day. I’ve narrowed it down to 3 ideas this year, plus Turkey Place Cards for my three little nephews who will hopefully love them!

PS Thanksgiving Pear PlaceCard

Idea #1: Inspired by the wonderful & talented Linda – a Pear (an apple or little gourd would also work) with a little text weight paper banner stamped with “Happy Thanksgiving” and attached with double-stick tape, then perched atop fall leaves. Both the banner and leaves have been curled using a bone folder (but you could also probably just use your fingers), to add a little dimension.


Idea #2: I am Thankful Cards – These are just wonderful, and my family has used them already a few times, but every year brings something new to be thankful for! And there are different ways to write on them. This year, maybe I’ll have each person write what they are thankful for in the person seated to their right, and then pass the cards.


Idea #3: Wheat Bundles – They look so beautiful! I have not made them before, but have been assured that they are not as difficult as they look, which will make me look good! I wonder if I could somehow use them around taper candles too? Or is that dangerous?

What creative table settings do you use for your feast? Share your time-honored traditions and decorating bloopers.

— Karen
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