Are you a paper person? Someone who, like our founder, can get lost in the history and the magic of this worldly craft? Do you also struggle to find ways to use those gorgeous sheets? Well, struggle no more. We asked Paper Source stores across the country to weigh in with ideas–many of which came from PS customers!–to get your creative juices flowing.

From Ardmore to Apartment Therapy and Houston to Headquarters, read along as we unwrap the mystery of fine paper crafts.

Tips from Paper Source Store Locations

kids card

Ardmore,Pennsylvania: Anne S. created this card sample using pleating and our Silhouette CAMEO to create the flower appliqué at the waistband.

Bellevue, Washington says:

  • Use glass half-marbles backed with fine paper and glue to magnets
  • Cut into circles and laminate for coasters
  • Cut out images/punch shapes for collages or decorative elements on cards, packages, kits, etc
  • Inspiration for linoleum block prints (“carve your own stamp”)
  • Cut into strips and make into paper pinwheels
  • Use PVA to glue to wooden boxes or furniture as a decorative element
  • And of course: create envelopes with matching liners!

Crab Origami

Bethesda, Maryland made these creeping crustaceans. Fitting for their region!

Birmingham, Michigan says: “When practicing the art of Origami, consider the weight and texture of the paper to be folded. Paper Source fine paper is best for the delicate folds of the Lotus Flower for example. To create an Origami Ferris Wheel, Wrapping Paper is  best for crisp, exacting folds. Don’t forget the Bone Folder tool to make perfect Origami folds every time!”

Bridgeport, Oregon: Sam D. from PS Bridgeport has us inspired! Check out these creations:

jewelry crafts

Make glass tile pendant necklaces. Cut to size, use a glaze to adhere to glass tiles, and, to seal, attach a bail (loop for the pendant). Use fine paper and one of our kraft jewelry boxes to create a custom wrapped gift box to match the necklace inside.


Make tile coasters for the home or office. Cut to size, mod podge on to some ceramic tiles, seal with sealant.

Accordion Book

Use paper to make beautiful covers for accordion books! (Here’s how: Adhere the book board to the paper. Cut down leaving 1″ on all sides of the board. Cut corners at 45 degree angle, then use an adhesive on the flaps and fold over adhering to the book board.)

fine paper banner

For those customers who have the Silhouette CAMEO, the fine papers are awesome to use to make beautiful posters. I saw a quote on one of our journals that we have in store and loved it so much that I selected one of our cream fine papers, cut the quote out in peacock text, and adhered it to the fine paper.

Brookline, Massachusetts says: “Use it to line the back wall of a humdrum book shelf. It really brightens up dark bookshelves and gives a colorful backing!”

origami roses

Charlotte, North Carolina: Muriel P. made this elegant table suite with origami roses. Some of her other project suggestions include: napkin holders, a mobile for a baby nursery, a message board and hair accessories.

Corte Madera, California says: “Use it to cover a cheap “craft paper” or “rice paper” lampshade from target, Ikea or your favorite Asian import store! These papers add an exotic ambiance to any room!”


Dedham, Massachusetts made these lovely present toppers, perfecting the art of gift-giving.

paper flowers

Highland Park, Illinois says: “Cut into squares, fold into kusadama flowers (check out the GREAT “Playing with Books” book for instructions) and use them for home décor (or your wedding rehearsal bouquet!!!!) The bouquet in the picture was made from Yuzen Cherry Branch Paper and Kozuke Ivory Fine Paper, both from Japan, and our Floral Wire & Tape Kit…plus our favorite PVA Glue. SO fun!”

Helen from Highland Park recommends putting these lovely blooms under glass on coffee tables or dresser tops, as an accent when decoupaging or framing, as a lampshade cover embellishment, or when paper beading.

Paper Weaving

Anita Z. from Highland Park created this woven work of art! Anita recommends using this technique for wall art, a place card accent, or even to cover an album kit!

Gift Detailing

Kansas City, Missouri: Kate B. added colorful origami butterflies to this beautiful pleat-wrapped box. Kate recommends incorporating fine paper with our kits to make beautiful starbursts and paper flags.


Oakbrook, Illinois: Erin A. made this sweet card with a pleated origami dress. Erin plans to recommend her card idea to brides to make as bridesmaids cards.

fine paper pennant

River North, Illinois added decorative flair to a wall by creating a pretty paper pennant banner!

Soho, New York: Shanti from PS Soho shares a customer story regarding a woman who came in with some ideas for her wedding, looking specifically to create some decorative fans for her bridesmaids.

paper fan

“The bride’s color scheme was fuchsia, purple and gold, so she chose some of her favorite fine papers [in this palette]. I brought over some Vintage Gold ¼ inch ribbon to accent the top of each fan, and Vintage Gold 1 inch ribbon to wrap the bottom of the fan. I also brought over Shimmer Gold cover weight paper to use behind the fine paper for reinforcement. We [used] PVA to adhere both papers, and fiskars softgrip knife to help in cutting the paper and creating slits for the ribbon on top. A cutting mat and bone folder helped in creating the folds. The bride even accented the fans with peacock feathers!”

More from Soho…

DIY mobile

“PS Soho took origami making to the next level and created a butterfly mobile using fine papers, a wreath board covered in paper, fishing wire, and some ribbon.”

office decor

“An office installation [featuring] fine paper to cover books, a photo frame, and some colorful wall art.”

wedding suites

“We also created a coordinated wedding suite using black and white fine papers, pool, and peacock as our color scheme. We created a fine paper covered ReBinder for wedding planning, a name and date sign using words cut on the Silhouette CAMEO and mounted to a fine paper backing, and various day-of items such as origami place cards and favor boxes, buffet menu signs, and a trifold program.”

handmade card

Thousand Oaks, California created this woven wonder, accented with paper feathers and rolled paper beads.

Others say:


Apartment Therapy featured our Everyday Dogs Wrapping Paper as a “rental friendly wallpaper solution”! How’s that for inventive?!

Books and Rosettes

Better Homes & Gardens magazine featured book covers and paper medallions made from PS fine papers in their April 2012 edition.

Paper People at PS Headquarters chime in:

Fine Paper Alphabet

Fine Paper Kraft Letters from Our ABC Baby Shower for CEO Sally.

Fine Paper Bowls

Pretty Paper Bowls featured in a recent Paper Source Workshop.

Paper Party Hats

Fine Paper hats created by Emma N., Paper Source photographer, will add pizazz to your party.

Fine Paper Beads
Beautiful fine paper beads and paper jewelry by Rebecca B. of our Store Operations team.

And the inspiration continues with other fine paper projects from the P.S. Blog. Check these out:

Handmade Paper Confetti
DIY Paper Wallet
Silhouette Art
Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card

The possibilities are endless. If you have discovered an inspiring use for fine paper we encourage you to help us unwrap this mystery by commenting with tips or share your links.


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    • It looks to me that they are not made entirely of paper. Maybe a bought round plastic or wooden bead is covered with paper.
      The trick is – how to cut the paper. I would try strips narrow at each end, wider in the middle and measuring half the circumference of the bead. This is only a guess. The maker of the beads might be kind enough to share how she or he made these beads.

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    I would like to know if there is tutorial to make creeping crustaceans (crabs) and butterflies. Lovely post and amazing papers!
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