We have so many splendid ideas to share with you at our Annual Seasonal Table Event that I couldn’t resist providing a little sneak peek at the collection of ideas we are featuring at Thursday’s Crafter’s Night Out.

Seasonal Table Workshop

These colorful holiday favor pouches provide the perfect opportunity to create something unique. We will be adding stamped accents to make them fun and personal. Imagine these on your holiday table?!

cookie favors

Or, perhaps you are a cookie aficionado – baking goodie bags for your work colleagues, like so many of us at Paper Source. (I know. Aren’t we lucky?!) These cellophane bags will be the perfect inspiration for your holiday confections, complete with fun retro accents cut from 12×12 decorative paper.

holiday stamps

We also have other unique ideas using our new rubber stamps, like this one from a wonderful French Canadian vendor. They are sure to add charm to your seasonal presentation.

Be sure to sign up early, and enjoy $5 off your seat when you sign up with a friend! Sip wine with fellow crafters, nibble on treats, create stunning decorations and shop the night away with your 10% off coupon.’

Seasonal Table Collection of Ideas – Crafter’s Night Out
Thursday, November 10th
6pm – 8pm (local time)
To sign up, stop by your local Paper Source store or register online today.

PS colors: paper bag & persimmon
Latest fave: Academic Great Big Calendar


3 Responses

  1. Terri says:

    this sounds like a fun night! Wish I lived closer to I could join in the festivities.

  2. Debbi says:

    I want a local store!

  3. Pene says:

    Wow retro is so fun and may I say Yummy!!