Last year, Ann brought us together when she gleefully confessed that she is a Wrapaholic. Slowly, confessions trickled in from others who admitted their obsession with color, coordinated style and perfect corners. Her post was like a safe place for fellow Wrappers to disclose the amount of time spent preparing packages or share in the joy of present perfection.

Holiday Gift Wrap

This year, Ann revealed her secrets to perfect packages in our latest gift wrapping video. In it, Ann talks about five main components she credits for helping her stay cool, calm and coordinated.

Ann recommends having two pair of scissors — one for paper and one for ribbon — but make sure you have at least one pair solely dedicated to gift wrapping, so they stay nice and sharp.

Always have a full roll of tape on your spool. If you’re a fellow Wrapper, we suggest using double-stick tape — it keeps your adhesive hidden and works really well with ribbon application.

Solid Gift Wrap
Select a few rolls of solid wrapping paper to have on hand. Mix up the colors, so you have a base for any occasion that might come up.

Store a few spools of ribbon, in various colors and sizes, so you can accent boxed packages and gift bags.

Patterned Gift Wrap
It is hard to choose just one, so Ann recommends having a wedding print, a gift wrap for kids, and a colorful polka dot gift wrap to cover events throughout the year.

Given the time of year, our fellow Wrappers are probably concepting holiday gift wrap themes, so patterns like Gingerbread Men Wrapping Paper and Candy Canes Wrapping Paper are great accents for the Polk Dot and Solid Gift Wrap styles recommended by Ann.

Hanukkah Gift Wrap

Ann also showed us how solid glitter wrapping paper can be paired with a festive pattern to create a magical Hanukkah presentation. This execution also introduced us to a new Wrapper staple: Super Tacky Tape!

These tips are just the beginning. There is so much to learn from Wrappers, like Ann, and what better time than the gift giving season?! So we challenge our fellow Wrappers to share your greatest tip or trick – comment to the post and help others wrap perfect packages this holiday season.


12 Responses

  1. Amy Frost says:

    Don’t use cheap wrapping paper! It may seam like a waste since it’s just going to get ripped off the packages anyway, but the money you save buying inexpensive wrapping paper isn’t worth the trouble you’ll have trying to get crisp folds and clean corners.

  2. Kristen says:

    Last year I topped holiday packages with these individual paper poinsettia blooms – it was a big hit!

  3. Alicia says:

    I 2nd what Amy said. Good quality wrapping paper really is the secret to a pretty package. Why waste your money on cheap paper that WILL tear as you try to wrap those boxes?

  4. Tabitha says:

    Sometimes I enjoy NOT taping the wrapping paper, rather creasing and folding it neatly then using the ribbon to keep the paper in place. All the recipient has to do is untie the ribbon and the gift unwraps itself. My crafting buddy Danni (Hi Danni, how are things on the 3rd floor?) ties or tapes ribbon, rickrack, bellybands,etc. around the smaller components of the gift, then packs them in a box and wraps that package. And it’s all coordinated ribbons and paper of course. Very nice to open.

  5. Amy, that is so true!! Also, beware of paper that tends to be slightly see-through. Usually this only happens with cheaper paper, but sometimes you just HAVE to have a specific super cute design. Be sure to make sure a super colorful box doesn’t show through your paper. If it does – give it a quick wrap in tissue first!

    Another great use for tissue (which I only discovered after lots of cursing at toys): those toy boxes where the front is cut out are a pain to wrap! If you cant find a bag big enough, wrap it in doubled-up tissue paper first. You’ll have to be careful with your wrapping paper corners and you still have to be extra gentle so as not to poke through the tissue, but its LOADS easier!!

  6. Michelle says:

    I buy solid colored craft paper, usually brown then use ribbon and scraps of fancy paper to decorate them. It is also fun to make matching bows out of the paper or use a colorful catalog. It looks wonderful under the tree with all the presents the same color.

  7. Daisha says:

    To save money and also have a nice presentation I cut thin strips of my wrapping paper and curl it as I would ribbon. After I have about 8 strips I staple the middle with a mini stapler and tape it to top of package.

  8. Sandy says:

    I love heavy white gloss paper and heavy red Kraft paper…then can use your bows to create a beautiful package. Double sided tape a must and I love to tie a beautiful ornament on top – especially an ornament that co ordinates with the person – garden, sports, entertaining, a collection, I feel every gift needs to picked out just for that person.
    Sandy from Seattle

  9. Julie says:

    I like to coordinate my packages also. I like to run strips of gift wrap through my Xyron machine to make a washi tape from a patterned paper to seal my edges on plain paper boxes and vice versa.

  10. Ah! So fun to have a forum for fellow gift wrapping aficionados! I write a blog about gift wrapping, and what I love to do most is take existing materials (either found objects or things from my stash) and use them to wrap gifts. I don’t know why, it’s what inspires me most!

  11. Carol says:

    At an estate sale, I bought a bag of vintage buckles – mostly bakelite-style – to use with wide ribbon. Last year I used over-sized buttons. I cannot wait to wrap!

  12. Pene says:

    Ann you rock!! I never stop to think of wrapping an additional patterned paper to hide imperfections. Can’t wait to try this out.